10 interesting ideas how to organize a forum or a scientific conference involving an event agency

10 interesting ideas how to organize a forum or a scientific conference involving an event agency | «Proekta»

Scientific conferences are held by large (most often educational) institutions to share experiences and maintain relations with colleagues from the same field of activity. This is quite a costly and hard task, that’s why independent organization of a scientific conference even at the level of a city university is quite a doubtful idea. To make the event run on the highest level, contact a professional event agency, which will suggest the most interesting form of running a conference or a forum.

10 examples for running a scientific conference

As an example, we give a short list of interesting ideas, which an event manager will easily turn into reality:

  • dance warm-up;
  • funny games and competitions on the subject;
  • unusual venue;
  • format of tourist rally;
  • performances in between;
  • mock auctions;
  • showing short videos on the subject;
  • banquet or standing buffet;
  • form of discussion or debates;
  • board games as a break.

A scientific conference or a forum is an exceptionally business meeting, which reputable persons attend. However event agencies more often suggest non-standard forms for holding such events: it seems that a pop singer’s performance, theatrical sketches or checkers contest between conference members do not in any manner befit the atmosphere of scientific reports. However, as practice shows, such an approach makes all the greater success.

Creativity in holding a scientific conference or a forum is good when it’s used in a moderate manner: it’s important to allow members to draw a deep breath and feel more relaxed. Any departure from strict formal atmosphere should be relevant. A professional event manager will manage to make a scientific conference maximum interesting for each party suggesting unusual ideas for its running.


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