For the record of public events’ organizer in Russia

For the record of public events’ organizer in Russia  | «Proekta»

To arrange a public event is a ton of work to do. The most difficult comes at the moment of planning. The organizer should also get to know how to coordinate the running of such event since public events don’t go under the radar of administrative bodies of the city. They should be notified of the intention to run an event.

How to do it?

The first thing one should know – the procedure is regulated by the order of the Moscow mayor №1054 RM as of October 5, 2000. Depending on the scale of the event, the notice is to be sent to different places in advance:

  1. The number of participants over 5 000 persons – to the Moscow town-hall, 45 days before the planned date.
  2. The number to 5 000 persons – to the perfects of an administrative district, where the event will be held, before 30 days.

The notice should contain information on the event: name, venue, program, starting time and duration, running conditions, approximate number of participants, organizers’ contacts. In 10-15 days the permitting or prohibiting answer is received.

Housing and public utilities bodies should be notified of cleaning and providing the venue with mobile toilets.

What should be taken into account foremost?

If the event relates to certain risks (almost always in case of large accumulation of people), the venue should be provided with:

  • The presence of the police;
  • Ambulances;
  • Emergency fire-fighting aid.

If any advertising activities are carried out, the relevant advertising law should be taken into account. In case of fireworks, one should consult with the Government decree of Moscow as of 24.06.2003 №494-PP.

These are the main points of event organization. It’s important to know all current regulations and legal acts to make everything work. Interaction with the administration will become a passport to success.


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