Summer catering: simple and affordable organization of field rest

Summer catering: simple and affordable organization of field rest | «Proekta»

It’s so nice in the summer to get out of stuffy rooms and celebrate an occasion in the countryside organizing an outdoor event. However, it’s quite a challenge to create a proper holiday on your own. At times like these catering services come to succour. They make it possible to break away from the walls of home, café, without sacrificing delicious food and high quality service.

Who are being serviced?

A stunning celebration can be organized for both private persons and large companies. The only difference is the scale of celebration, requirements to menu, venue and staff.

If you’ve trusted the search for a catering agency to mediators, the main thing is to ensure quality interaction, sharing information between all the participants of this process. To set up a technical meeting clarifying all the remaining moments just before the event.

Catering representatives should assess the potentials of venue, furniture arrangement and other parameters, and, ideally, mediators and end customers should consider them.

Summer catering features 

  • extreme conditions (often no access to electric power, drinking water, etc.). All event’s nuances should be meticulously thought out, a stock of consumables, spoons, forks, napkins, etc. is essential;
  • force majeur (hail, rain shower, storm wind). That’s why it’s crucial not to save on pavillions and tents;
  • lower prices for summer vegetables make menu more affordable and diverse. At the same time, many food products get spoiled really fast in the heat, that’s why you need to approach the issue of menu composition thoughtfully;
  • lower prices for leasing outdoor areas than stationary halls;
  • it’s recommended to choose sites with equipped entrance and parking. And venue – with dry ground.

For the coming summer season, catering companies are preparing for us a lot of pleasant surprises, expand their menu. It will be no problem for you to organize an outdoor event of any scale without any hassles and worries.


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