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Social marketing platforms in Russia | «Proekta»

Messages on a brick wall were written by the ancient Romans. Anyone could leave a wish, troll the owner of the house and even start a "chat" with the interlocutor. Today we use other, more modern methods of communication - social networks. They have absolutely everything an Internet user needs: communication, entertainment, job search, educational materials, new friends and acquaintances. And entrepreneurs are looking for clients on social networks - and they successfully find them. We offer a selection of five social networks in Russia that will remain at their peak in 2021: VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook, Odnoklassniki and TikTok.


According to Mediascope, about 50% of the Russian-speaking audience visits VKontakte at least once a day. The number of users overcame the 80 million barrier. They spend about 35 minutes here, the female audience prevails (almost 55%) aged 25-34. Despite Pavel Durov's departure, the new design and the inaccessibility of many music files, the network continues to remain popular. With its help you can:
• Send messages to other users.
• Find new friends.
• Lead interest groups.
• Post photos and videos.
• Transfer money.

During the self-isolation associated with the coronavirus pandemic, the number of calls on the VK social network increased by 20%. Video views increased by 41%. According to Data Insight, in 2019 VKontakte ranked 1st among other social channels in terms of the volume of transactions in the B2C, C2C sector.


Instagram is one of the most popular social networks not only in Russia, but all over the world. The monthly coverage in the Russian Federation exceeds 60 million people. 30 million Russians visit Instagram every day, and this figure is constantly growing. People with an average income prevail, the number of women / men is 59% versus 41%, respectively.
It should be noted that Instagram is the fastest way to make yourself known, find new customers for an online store in Moscow and any other city, and buy something online. Brands post about 2.5 stories per week. The average audience age is 29-34 years.


The social network Odnoklassniki is popular among Russians - 43 million users regularly visit the site. In addition, residents of Belarus, Uzbekistan, Armenia, and even Germany visit it. Users usually spend 20-25 minutes. The audience is dominated by the 35-44 age group. To visit your page, see photos of friends and leave a comment, most visitors use smartphones, not computers or laptops. Every day about 170 million messages are sent here, over 10 million photos are uploaded.


Despite the colossal activity all over the world, in Russia the creation of Mark Zuckerberg loses to other social networks. Interest in Facebook among the Russian audience continues to fall. According to Hootsuite, it is dominated by visitors aged 35+. But in the second quarter of 2020, Facebook ad revenues reached $ 18.3 billion.
Why is Facebook rapidly losing its audience in Moscow, St. Petersburg throughout Russia? Many people think that the reason is an inconvenient interface and poor communication between Russian users. However, if you dig deeper, you can find a number of other, more objective reasons. These are constant data leaks, and fake advertising, and a mediocre implementation of the media section.
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TikTok is a relatively new social network that is rapidly gaining popularity. For example, in 2019, a mobile application was downloaded almost 740 million times. And although TikTok is not on the list of the most visited sites in Russia, the growth rates look impressive. The monthly coverage exceeded 20 million people. News, sports brands are moving to TikTok in order to attract new users, do content distribution.


On social networks, people not only communicate and listen to music. Here you can play, watch interesting videos, even gain new knowledge. The most active users of social networks are people aged 25-34, the audience is somewhat biased towards women. VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook are leading in Russia, TikTok has great development prospects.


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