The stages of event-marketing organization: how to achieve success?

The stages of event-marketing organization: how to achieve success? | «Proekta»

The more detailed Roadmap of the planned event is and clearer tasks between staff are – the higher project’s success probability is. Planning cannot be spontaneous, it usually takes several stages. 

1.    Tasks and objectives

To define the nature of target audience, to decide on what clients want and write these desires out in details – is the first stage. What should be also taken into account at the stages of planning:

  • The selection of the site – the more reputable company is, the more high-profile the venue should be;
  • vehicle access – even a perfect site looses its attractiveness, if it’s inconvenient to get to it;
  • announcement – it’s necessary to cover the event date and program at sites where target audience father, it doesn’t make sense to announce a rock fest in the “Health” magazine, you won’t find clients there. 

2.    Event direct preparation

The preparation of a scenario, which takes into account the stages of guest reception, seating, the change of entertainment, information periods, etc. The more thorough details are worked out – the less failures will be in the process. Don’t try to save money assigning several tasks to one employee, it’s better to spend a little more, than to spoil the reputation because of staff failure to manage all the tasks. 

3.   The use of marketing tools

To gain on traffic to the event – is a part of success. It’s feasible to invest advertizing budget in the resources, which will definitely attract target audience, otherwise there will be no gain. The following can be used as marketing tools:

  • Sites, landings;
  • SMM;
  • Publication of press releases;
  • targeting;
  • E-mail;
  • direct;
  • Yandex ad network;
  • communication with Forumites in on it

Keep in mind traditional promotion, some clients still trust to press and banner ads.

4.    Proaction

The end of the event doesn’t mean the end of the work. Keep in mind to collect photo- and video reports, contacts and feedbacks to post them on internet sites and confirm your professionalism.


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