Best event venues in Moscow

What to do if you need to bring a pop star and accomodate 5 000 vivacious guests in a premise with great sounding? How to hold a car launch event at a high level? How to organize a private VIP party?

Every event is a small journey, which has its own goal. To avoid getting lost in the world map of Moscow event venues we made up a list of spots, which will meet the most unusual demands and help to organize your dream event.


1. MIR event space

Building 2, 11 Tsetnoy Blvd

For awarding ceremonies and large gala dinners

One of the largest premium-class venues located in the center of Moscow within walking distance of the subway and comfortable access area. Up to 1200 people can be accommodated on 1500 sq. m. The optimal ratio of equipment quality, premise size and MIR location is a good solution for holding gala and live concert with a good budget and pretentious audience. Two levels of guest accommodation create the most comfortable conditions for observing the scene, which became the hall’s trademark. The large and convenient stage is equipped with a large LED screen, the opportunity for installing additional elements, high-quality light, sound and convenient dressing rooms. Taking into regard all the mentioned advantages, MIR profitably stands out among premium competitors and gained the reputation of the best place for running ceremonies with the participation of hosts and celebrities. 


2. Izvestia Hall

5 Pushkin square 

For live concerts and events with celebrities

Perhaps, the most literate venue of the heart of the capital from the perspective of technical facilities. It meets the demands of picky audience and that’s why enjoys popularity among the organizers of night events and ceremonies. Thanks to the form of a two-level amphitheater it provides the best scene overview. Venue is equipped with high-quality sounding and lighting, world renowned musicians highly appreciate it. And numerous digital awards prove once again that the central location has almost no competitors from the perspective of equipment level.


3. Main Stage

Building 33, 13 Sharikopodshipnikovskaya st.

For mass events and live events in industrial style

The largest event venue of Moscow with a bright industrial entourage and sound planning. 7 000 sq. m, 200 parking places, 12 incoming groups – these things will provide comfortable accommodation of 8 000 people. Lighting used on the site is dimmed, that’s why it doesn’t fit day conferences and business meetings. On the plus side, this is an optimal solution for big techno parties, global presentations and corporate parties for companies with large staff. It’s not easy to get here from the subway and search for the site, that’s why transfers for guests are a great advantage for an event at Main Stage.  


4. Loft Hall

Building15, 26 Lenin Sloboda st. 

For creative events

Spacious halls of a middle fragment for those who find it important not where, but how. The dozens of stylish premises connected together are ready to host from 20 to 1000 people. Loft design perfectly fits the format of an atmospheric private celebration, a creative presentation or a conference dedicated to ultramodern solutions. A site beloved by hipsters, designers and creative companies offers a great package of options, and also has its own parking, security service and equipment rental service.



5. Radisson Royal yacht

For those who want to impress foreign guests 

7 snow-white panoramic yachts is a 100% target hit if you want to especially impress foreign guests. Fusion atmosphere, light standing buffets to the sound of purling water and jazz will perfectly highlight emotions. A cruise with a special atmosphere is the best opening or ending of any program. Soft daylight will complement a great river route by main sights, which are often bypassed during a business program. In the night guests switch attention to dramatic light decorations of historical Moscow. In winter, it’s snowing outside the windows of an ice-yacht. And in summer evenings, guests can wrap in a warm rug blanket and enjoy the night life from outside with a glass of Prosecco in their hand. Floating sites place from 100 to 300 guests, differ with excellent banquet service, fair equipment and provide complete privacy of your event.



6. Imperator’syacht club

Building 1, 2 Bersenyevskaya quay

For private luxury events

A true exclusive, which had been closed for audience for many years. A building of the 19thcentury, where the Russian imperial family once stayed after all. Loft space with antique furniture and a yacht pier for running exquisite private luxury events with a capacity to 250 people. 3 halls are comfortable for audience and fitted with decent equipment. Around – the best capital pubs and restaurants, boiling nightlife and the most fashionable city spaces, convenient parking. Summer is the most optimal season to run an event.  


7. Four Seasons  

2 Okhotny ryad

Heavy luxury 

A famous premium venue, which the most successful companies and private persons choose. In one or several halls – for expensive private events from 35 to 600 people or in the entire building – for running major international events. Its main advantage is a high level of service and safety of guests, luxury interiors and unique location. All halls are fitted with high-quality equipment and are serviced by a catering service. Almost all halls outlook Red Square or Tverskaya street. Challenges that event participants and organizers may face are risk to get stuck in a traffic jam, high cost and high popularity of the site.



8. Omega Rooftop

Building 1, 15 Tsetnoy Blvd

For an optimal combination of location and service quality 

A great site on the roof of a stylish building outlooking Moscow with good catering and space, which easily transform according to any event. It accommodates to 400 people, is located within walking distance of the subway, provides event organizers and participants with spots in underground parking, security and cleaning. A site on Tsetnoy will fit fashionable formats best – lectures, film and fashion shows, stylish corporate parties. Financiers, consulters and representatives of creative professions traditionally choose this location. 



9. Music media Dome

Building 2, 5 Entuziast highway

For multimedia events

A high-quality capacious site, which can boast of the world’s largest projection area, a convenient scene, high-quality lighting and acoustic ceiling. 3000 potential guests will easily accommodate in the space, which is ideal for an exhibition, a technological presentation and a big corporate party. MMD is a wide spread for playing with space and a large staff of equipment. A weak spot of the site is remoteness from the subway, a small parking and inconvenient driveway, but you can’t find large and literate space with high-quality equipment in the center.



10. Lumier Hall

Building 24, 36 Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya st. 

For multimedia events

A creative vebue in the territory of the Flacon design space for non-banquet formats. Lumier Hall has no its own catering service, instead the format of a film show, a large multimedia presentation, a lecture or a private event with video immersion will fit the hall best. The space with a capacity of 450 people is equipped with 20 full HD screens and is ready to immerse guests into multimedia universe. 700 sq. m area allows mounting a scene and locating equipment, which are rented here. There are parking and security service in the Flacon territory.



11. O2 Lounge

3 Tverskaya st. 

For VIP standing buffets and private events 

A site under the roof of Ritz-Carlton hotel accommodates to 120 people with the most beneficial location, free parking and a high level of security. Luxuriant interiors and airy atmosphere together with views over the Kremlin attract world celebrities and organizers of premium events of mini format. Ritz-Carlton is particularly proud of the restaurant cuisine and special seafood supply, that’s why the best thing that you can do on the roof is an exquisite standing buffet and a small private event.



12. Mercury Space

 For impressive business presentations 

Almost 1000 sq. m of pure futurism on the 40thfloor of the most modern capital business space. The space is closed from free access and accommodates to 450 people and compactly fitted with the most basic equipment. A panoramic view Moscow City buildings are known for is great daylight and impressive view of the night city. The high rental cost pays off in spades with a long list of inclusive services, which will help you to focus on the main things. The only weak spot of the site is the lack of parking (5 parking slots do not count). The site of the future will become the optimal solution for holding business events, events for IT and fashion companies.


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