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An immersive event is a new reality that created using visual content and most complete immersion in the script and it’s environment. Event agency offers a storyline where every viewer can become whoever they want.

With the advancement of technology, people are increasingly spending time on the Internet. They not only play online games, but also shop, meet and communicate on social networks. Virtual world creates illusion of action, and real emotions and real feelings become scarce.

This is one of the main reasons why emotional immersive events are so popular. This events blurring the boundaries between the real and the imaginary worlds, combine art and technology. Guests are immersed in a fascinating story created especially for them.

How is an immersive event different from a regular one?

An event that using unique audiovisual content and another multi sensorial performing channels is called immersive. The script, the actors, the scenery - everything is subordinated to the viewer's immersion in the “new reality”.

So, there are three differences:

1. Fascinating plot. Instead of boring one with a coffee break, we will wrap your event in a new, interesting wrapper. With a gripping storyline, a vibrant culmination, and an unexpected ending.

2. Special presentation of the material. Immersive is not a theater. Participants of the event rest and communicate in a comfortable environment for them. Stage performances, actors and roles are constantly changing. Every 10-15 minutes a new "attraction feature" appears.

3. Guaranteed WOW effect. Immersive events are unique in the entertainment industry. It opens up new horizons for team building and vibrant, dynamic corporate events. This is a great way to celebrate a company's special ocasion as never before.

What do immersive events solve?

An immersive event is not just another stereotyped corporate event, but an integral ecosystem in which guests fully interact with the actors and the surrounding space. A rich storyline produces a powerful team-building effect, but is also capable of solving specific problems. Here are the goals you can achive and problems you can solve with this type of events:

• Restore communication between departments.

• Increase the stress resistance of employees, attention to detail.

• "Upgrade" other skills that can be useful in daily work.

• Build a team.

• Prevent “burnout” of team mates. 

• Have a nice time, exchange the received emotions

How we do it?

An immersive event is a great way to captivate a business audience. Any, even the most creative idea is justified by specific business tasks. A platform and an image are selected for the chosen topic, materials are drawn up and a script is written. This concept sets the tone for the event and becomes an effective tool of influence.

To create the ultimate immersive experience:

• Include all guest's sensations: tactile, visual, auditory.

• Uses theatrical techniques. A new reality unfolds around the guests here and now, professional actors take part in the performance.

• Uses modern technologies: three-dimensional projection, 3D mapping, etc.


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