Inspiring places for incentive tours to Russia

Inspiring places for incentive tours to Russia | «Proekta»

It’s a great challenge to find a place with the same opportunities for incentive tours as Russia. Here history, nature and unique cultural traditions are remarkably blended, all of them are so vivid and diverse that one life just isn’t enough to see and know all things.

We’ve made a compilation of most interesting places in Russia for corporate incentive tours.


This is amazing land of volcanoes and bears, almost intact nature and unearthly landscapes. You can go to Kamchatka by plane and use there off-roaders or quads. Incentive tours to Kamchatka can be organized both in winter and summer.

Lake Baikal

This is the largest freshwater lake in the world and the deepest, unique place with unique opportunities and animals. Travels to Lake Baikal are quite extreme, since the territory lacks extended tourist infrastructure on the grounds of environmental conservation. So be ready to feel like Marco Polo, tack up a horse, and camp out.


A place where mountains meet the sea – that’s the official greeting of the resort city. Famed for the Olympic games 2014 Sochi has unique infrastructure and all year round opportunities for outdoor activities. Olympic park, arboretum, Sky park, thematic Sochi park, oceanarium, Formula 1 track, and many other things are waiting for you.


The popular Golden Ring of Russia, cities where Russian culture, traditions were born and history was being made. Wooden houses with carved shutters, white-stone churches, craftsmen and folk artists. Where else would you learn how to play the balalaika and dance Russian folk dances?!


Moscow, Butyrskaya Street 62

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Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg, St. Lva Tolstogo 1-3

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Rostov-on-Don, St. Koroleva 5b

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