Checklist: how to prepare and run an online quarantine event?

Checklist: how to prepare and run an online quarantine event? | «Proekta»

Checklist: how to prepare and run an online quarantine event?

During pandemic companies have to look for new ways to promote thier products without direct contact with consumers. Proekta has prepared a comprehensive checklist with recommendations on how to plan and run a successful digital event. He will help you organize a strong event and take your sales to the next level.

Still thinking that live streaming is only for bloggers? An online event is a powerful marketing tool that helps to establish contact with a client audience, increase customer loyalty, and profitably present a new product or service. Someone uses special platforms for streaming, others conduct webinars on YouTube. In most cases, this all looks very bad. We decided to share the secrets of how to organize a truly interesting online event in 2020-2021.

4 advantages of the online format

Corporate events and online presentations have many advantages:

• Large audience coverage. Your clients or business partners can be located anywhere: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Vladivostok. This is an opportunity to save money on business trips, renting premises, etc.

• Clear format. Employees do not need to follow the dress code, and organizers do not need to prepare equipment and catering. It is enough for the participants of the event to be near to their computers at the agreed time. And most importantly, the meaningful activity remains the same.

• Effective technologies. Thanks to the use of modern visualization methods, your target audience will quickly assimilate the broadcast material.

• Transfer of information. On some platforms, everything is saved automatically. It saves customers and employees from the hassle, does not contain data transfer.

Where to begin?

First of all, you need to prepare the material (table, lists, graphs), choose the presentation format. It should be relevant to the topic, reveal the idea of ​​an online meeting. When choosing a platform for streaming, consider the following parameters:

• The number of users who can take part in the webinar.

• Length of the conference. Some sites have restrictions. For example, 30 or 60 minutes.

• The amount of information that can be downloaded.

• Is it possible to record content?

Next, you need to notify the participants of the online event at what time the conference will take place. We recommend that you test the audio and video quality on your chosen platform. This will avoid force majeure. To announce a meeting, you can use social networks and other channels (media, contextual advertising)

Online Event Plan

10 minutes before the start, it is recommended to check the sound and video again, connect other speakers, set up a chat (if necessary). The standard meeting plan looks like this:

• Introduce yourself, tell about yourself.

• Introduce the plan and rules to the participants of the online event.

• Conduct a small survey.

• Deliver the main body of the presentation.

• Answer the questions.

• Connect a second speaker or go to the second part of the presentation.

• Answer new questions, summarize.

Always start on a positive note! Remember the importance of dialogue - ask questions, communicate with guests. Don't be afraid to share your experience - this tip is suitable for any meeting format. Do your best to prevent the online conference from slipping into a boring lecture.

Online meeting platforms

Finally, check out some great video conferencing apps:

1. Click Meeting. With ClickMeeting, you can conduct training sessions, webinars and other events. The maximum number of speakers who can work at the same time is 4 people. Up to 5,000 people can attend one meeting.

2. Zoom is the leader in conferencing. The free version can host up to 50 people at the event.

3. WebEx. Another platform from Cisco, which is suitable for large-scale conferences and meetings.

We also recommend the TrueConf, GoToMeeting and Whereby platforms. They are great for video conferencing.

How long the pandemic will last, no one can say. But one thing is already clear today - the world will not be the same. During a crisis, not the one who is stronger survives. And the one who adapts best to change. Don't panic, get the most out of your online events, strengthen your position!


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