TOP 5 Secrets of Positive Event Manager

TOP 5 Secrets of Positive Event Manager  | «Proekta»

In the world full of grieves and stresses, the ability to see benefits, always be positive is highly useful. We offer a few ways for overcoming stresses and getting rid of worries.

  • dissolve a flow of the negative. Start discussing any question from its drawbacks – it’s quite a natural approach at meetings, conferences. If someone starts to engage you in a negative conversation, agree with him politely and guide it in positive direction. Try to be natural and happy, everyone wants to sustain a conversation with such a person;
  • speak words of praise, not only criticize. Having seen the work done by someone, mention performer’s merits, and don’t take it for granted. Speaking on the provided service only in the negative sense, you bend the truth. Criticism should be constructive, highlighting the issue’s positive side and not only the negative one, only then it won’t be humiliating;
  • it’s not always your fault. Self-criticism is all very well, but let us not forget that you cannot make everyone like you. Even if the event scenario is meticulously proved, probability of error remains very high. If it takes place, it’s better not to sink into self-reproach, but realize your fault and solve the difficulty in a timely manner. Upon the event completion devote time to the analysis of gained experience, learn the lesson, realize mistakes. Next time, everything will pass smoothly;
  • avoid the negative. Every event-manager sometimes faces beyond measure demanding, emotional clients in the course of his career. Don't be afraid to refuse them, make a realistic assessment of tasks and frameworks set before you, analyze with a clear head whether you can manage them. A decrease in tension and stress often outweighs financial losses due to refuse;
  • allocate time just for yourself. For all your busyness, interesting projects, make time for rest. Only then you’ll be happy and positive.

The positive spirit takes its rise within ourselves. Perceive the world as a happy man, then your good humour and good vibes will become a source of inspiration for others.


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