10 signs of a high-quality corporate party

10 signs of a high-quality corporate party | «Proekta»

The first corporate party, not perceived as it is, took place in the early epoch of cave men. Following successful mammoth hunt people gathered with all their community to celebrate the blessed event. Today there are peculiar corporate parties, which are designed to improve the atmosphere between people, make relations in the company warmer and rally the team of employees.

Everyone will remember a corporate party given that all rules for such events are followed. Let’s check them out.

Decide on the kind of a corporate party

There are a few kinds of company parties. Celebrations can be focused on the staff itself or clients, and can be also divided into presentations, banquets, out-of-city or family events. Banquet corporate parties are most widespread and held in restaurants or specially fitted premises. These corporate parties often feature quizzes and awarding most savvy participants. Moderate expenses and team building are apparent advantages of such corporate events.

No VIP-areas

As a rule, many companies want to make VIP areas for corporate parties. Generally, it’s tables with more expensive food and drinks. It was considered that such decision helps key employees feel themselves more significant. However, it's not all that simple – many employees will interpret such measure as hypocrisy. It means – VIP area will cause hidden offenses, envy, and put an emphasis on inequality.

CEO’s participation in a corporate party

He or she shouldn’t sit at a table. In other words, superiors as others dance, have fun, take part in talks, singing karaoke and games. CEO shouldn’t feel like a fish out of water and subordinates should be confident that he doesn’t sit at a table and keep watch over staff, examine them.


Awarding high achievers is a good approach as it not only stimulates those who are awarded but also those who are left with no prize – it's high time to win spurs and start working with threefold enthusiasm.


Make sure to make a party more interesting and exciting mixing it up with competitions. Just avoid primitive games, games with sexual implication and those that could offend an employee somehow. There’s gradation of games – they can be entertaining as well as strengthening relations between employees.


If you’d like your employees have real fun, you need dances. Merry dances to different music help people to clear some hurdles as well as break the mould that you cannot have proper fun with colleagues.

Live music

It is common knowledge that live music has a much better effect on people than recorded tracks. Make your employees’ day with living performance or just instrumental music.

“Nobody leaves before bosses”

That’s lex non scripta. Traditionally, real broad mirth begins when bosses leave. Intuition will help CEO when it’s high time to leave – it should be done when all competitions and awarding are already finished.

No strained relations

Many people aren’t too eager for corporate parties because of bad relations with higher-ups or just banal fear to do something wrong. Bring a note of companionship, help your colleagues to overcome restraint.

Make a clear point

It’s important to finish an event originally. It’s a great idea to fly fairy lights, shoot off fireworks or enjoy a fire show. 


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