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Meeting management is the main area of concern of Proekta agency working in Moscow and across the country. For several years we have held over 200 various. As in any other country in Russia conference organizers also should be selected very carefully.


Most often meetings are used to report some new information and for training. Companies that develop a dealer network regularly hold partner meetings they discuss future plans at. Pharma companies also gather their clients, destination representatives for training purposes. Conference organization as a corporate event sets a goal of business development by means of rap sessions, training, discussions.


Business meetings types can be distinguished by participants, frequency, and goals. By participant type  these are client, partner, dealer conferences that unite delegates by business occupation. Cycle, annual, quarter and event-driven (one-time) conferences – by frequency. They can be divided into training, discussion, and concluding by their goals, but often this events are of multipurpose nature. It should be taken into account to organising conferences in Russia.


As any event, conference organizing in Russia has its details and features that must be considered. These are composition of a business meetings, participant's business occupation, for example, events in pharma and car fields are different to the core. Accurate execution of a technical rider and technical team’s expertise will be a key aspect. Efficient timing and sound coffee breaks menu are of great importance to organizing a conference in Moscow up to the mark.


All problems at any event always trace its roots to poor preparation and planning. That’s why when something goes wrong it is generally not external, but internal factors. Let’s give two most common situations that cause international conference organisers headaches. Equipment failure and unplanned timing shift – these two situations are equally frustrating since they require operational measures and great labor efforts. Organising a conference is a complicated but very interesting process regardless of your previous experience. In the equipment case everything’s clear – you need to repair or replace it and do it as quick as possible. But it’s a little bit harder when a group of participants is late for their flight because of a latish speaker. In any case an experienced event manager always elaborates a plan B at the stage of planning.


Turning to the stage of planning and our experience, we state careful choice of a venue allows avoiding majority of troubles. Whether it is a hotel or a conference hall without hotel services, there are important criteria for venue choice. At this stage event management services from professionals will come in useful and pay off in the future. Firstly, it’s area. There are standards for area per participant based on the event format, not less 2-3 sq.m. at the average. A room should be well ventilated, daylighting is desirable while the opportunity of creating complete darkness is obligatory. The absence of columns and hall regular shape will be an additional advantage. 

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