Business training in Russia

For the team of Proekta agency holding business events and trainings is one of the key areas. Our specialists organizing them together with professional training centers. Business working for the people and by the people, and only continuous learning allows to grow and improve. Providing business training involves not only the development of teaching materials, and technical organization. That time, when employees collected at the office and a few hours retold book, something strange drawing on the flipchart, is passed. Today conducting business training requires the creation of extraordinary environments and professional technical support.

Who need it

Large companies, for which the operating unit is not an employee and department, often practice group training, mentoring. Some go further and develop their own programs with the involvement of experts from various fields. Organization of trainings and master classes is an effective tool for identifying weaknesses in the team. And this information is in the hands of HR specialist who will make appropriate conclusions and to eliminate deficiencies. Organization of corporate training in Moscow, a rather difficult task, consuming a lot of working time. Inside the company, should be sufficient resources to delegate this to their employees without sacrificing the basic work. Another option – corporate training company services, which will save a lot of time and money. After all, only professionals know for sure what is really necessary, but from what can be discarded or replaced. So once you kill three birds with one stone - save money, time and get guaranteed results.

Integra Korston
Regional leaders training

Training for leaders of regional divisions

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Severstal Sokolninki
HR conference in Moscow

Regional HR specialists training

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Severstal Renaissance
Corporate conference in Moscow

Top officers professional development program

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Severstal Spb
Corporate training in Saint-Petersburg

The series of training events for Severstal

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Nissan Ritz
Dealership conference in Moscow

Annual dealership conference in Ritz Hotel in Moscow

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Nissan Barcelona
Conference in Barcelona

Conference for Nissan dealers in Barcelona

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Integra Sheraton
Arranging training for regional leaders

Arranging training for regional leaders

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Severstal Vinogradovo
Training conference in the outskirts of Moscow

Summer training for regional leaders

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