Promotional staff models in Russia

Proekta promo agency in Moscow has extensive experience in organising major solutions and conferences in Moscow. Our promotional staff worked on projects in other regions as well, such as the Olympic Games in Sochi, the Universiade in Kazan and Formula 1. 

In Russia, any large event can not be organised well without promo staff, they are an esential part of effective communication with parners, clients and guests.

In each project people are like the business card of the company. At any business ocassion special event hostesses, also known as promotional models in Moscow, are the first thing that guests will see, therefore the initial and most important impression of the event depends on them. This is especially important if the event is on a very high level with guests from all around the world.

For ocassions like meet and greet and any other assistance an event will always need a hostess model in Moscow or St Petersburg, otherwise guests could feel left out and unwelcomed.

Large public events are often scombine with activities thereby promoting products in places where the target audience can be addressed. For such instances event models in Moscow are also needed, they are able to talk to clients and potential partners in a nice way and inform them about benefits of a product.

Obviously there are no identical events and each has its own characteristics features, audiences, concept and locations. All this must be taken into account when holding castings and selecting promo models in Moscow.

Every selection could possibly effect success of an event. It is better to delegate this task to promotional staff agency. Professionals with extensive experience know exactly what you need to look for during a casting interviewing and when looking through numerous CVs.

It is very important that the event staff agency had working experience specifically with the audience that will have you at the event. This is important since the approach to the different participants, visitors to the event must be different. For example, if it is an event where the target audience and the purpose of man's actions demonstrate a new product, the hostess agency should offer pretty girls with good communication skills. In general, the specifics of recruiting the hospitality staff in Moscow and Saint Petersburg on the project depends on what audience will be there and what product or service will be promoted.

Promotional staffing agency must provide the selection of candidates, we recommend at least 10 candidates for one working position, it is this ratio ensures the optimal selection. It is also very important to have a live audition in front of the approval of candidates, cause often photos are distort real appearance or greatly embellishes the real appearance. Typically event staffing agency making live auditions by own and in the results of casting provides a choice of candidates for the client. At the preliminary stage of selection it is very important to send a not only professional candidate’s photos, but also in real life without filters and makeup. This is should control promotional agency and provide the client with a ready-made sample. But there are events where the appearance of staff is not so important as communication skills, product knowledge and foreign language. In such cases it can be done by Skype interview or phone conversation. In any of the above cases for hostess event is the work and the approach should be appropriate, so we strongly recommend you to use a system of penalties, as the system of bonuses and rewards for good results.

Elbphilharmonie installation
Elbphilharmonie installation in Hermitage

Mobile installation of Elbphilharmonie in Hermitage

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Launching the new flagship Dongfeng A9

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MIAS 2016

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