Corporate events

We offer the world's best experience for your corporate events, regardless of the format: celebration or business; for customers, employees or partners. your company's event will be a memorable and successful in Russia or abroad. We use latest event management technologies and innovative solutions.


Dealership conferences, trainings, educational and industry events - the way to manage such events differs a lot. We gained the great deal of experience in arranging conferences: planning, logistics, choosing a format, timing, up-to-date equipment supply and staffing.

Incentive travel

We believe nothing brings more success than the right motivation. Successful companies pay special attention to their employees motivation. One cannot overestimate the importance of motivation; it is a thing of great value indeed. We have been in planning and creating incentive tours for the most successful companies for years. We create events that inspire and energize employees to expand horizons and to set the bar high.

Team building

Companies are made up of people, and that people make companies a success. Working environment fuels any advance and goals achievement. But any team needs a refuel. Team building events help to resolve a lot of issues: they get people from different departments to know each other, unlock the potential, enhance confidence and make people fill as a part of something big, eliminate stereotypes and develop corporate thinking.

Experiential marketing

As any other event, experiential marketing has its own goals aiming to raise brand recognition and provide for customers loyalty. A successful experiential marketing has to trigger viral effect - when people decide to spread to others their good impression of a product/service. 


Launching new products and services often comes with striking presentation; newsmen, celebrities and VIP-guests are normally present at such events. The success of new product/service depends largely on this very event. Presentation has to be in perfect tune with guests' status and a product/service itself. This is a very important event indeed that influences a product success, so it is worthwhile to let professionals deal with it. Our solid experience allows us to foresee potential problems, leverage budget and also to choose right format.

PR support

Our specialists are well known for their proficiency in managing PR campaigns. We would create news hook, find the most efficient means of communication and make performance analysis. We would take over the most difficult parts - from goal setting to communication with customers.

Exhibition stands design and construction

Big industry exhibitions are always about competition. All participants show off their products and services with a clear message of brand recognition as well as their superiority. Exclusive design, high quality assembly and premium materials would undoubtedly make your showroom to stand out. We engage only high quality materials, state-of-the-art solutions in design and well-tried suppliers.

Press conferences

Press conference is one of the key means of communication with mass media. Press conference is an essential part of coming event coverage and a great way to get brand message across. We invite mass media, make an event newsworthy, compose and send out press releases, select and prepare a venue and make up a final report.

Exhibition management services

We provide full range services for managing exhibitions all around the world: venue rent, communications with organizers, logistics, technical documentation approval, accreditation of contractors and staffing. Hotels reservation, booking, transfers and translation services for your team are our concern as well.

Hospitality services

Polite staff, professional supervisers, beautiful hostesses and other event staff for your successful project. We are specialised on hospitality staff management for global and sport events.

Destination management

For the years we are successfully carrying of corporate groups in Russia as professional incoming agency in Moscow. The Proekta’s staff is experienced specialists with excellent knowledge of all territorial features of Russia.

Audio & Visual equipment

Own equipment and professional staff for project of any type. We can technically supply your event with wide range of professional AV equipment.

Guerrilla marketing

We create and launch viral activities for international brands. There is no more effective way to achieve your audience attention than guerrilla marketing. We doing spectacular activations based on wow effect.
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