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Proekta agency is one of the first companies that began to offer motivating and incentive tours and travels to their clients. For years many original projects have been implemented. Incentive events gained ground in the West as an instrument for staff development and management. For a short period of time they became almost obligatory corporate events. Our incentive agency in Moscow and Saint Petersburg have strong team and huge international experience, for many years we are serving most successful companies.


Incentive travel company solve the task of company’s key employee's efficiency enhancement. Large and fast-growing corporations come to the staff motivation issue. The point is that a person accustoms to positive changes in his life double-quick. A new car, a new house, new clothes, greater profit, etc. become a life norm in 2 months. Thus, bonus, promotion or wage increase effect lasts just 2 months.


When a person has satisfied his primary needs, money is not an end any longer, and he shifts to interesting tasks. Having fulfilled ambitious projects, he starts to seek for new ways of development and there’s high probability he’ll leave the company. This problem is solved by means of emotional charge or emotional binding. An unusual event that the participant cannot or hasn’t the idea to organize leaves memories. If these are strong and positive emotions, they’ll be remembered for life, and if they’re associated with the company, it will be the strongest emotional binding to brand. Very important is selection of incentive destinations in Moscow which could be a reason of success or failure of event.


Each country have own sightseeings and famous locations which traditionally attractive for travelers. To make an successful travel incentive company in Moscow and St Petersburg should find outstanding location with historical or nature sightseeings. Of course it need basic infrastructure – restaurants, roads, hotels…entertainment venues and petrol stations. When you get this tour and incentive travel with your colleagues, partners or employees, you should not feel any discomfort even if you are in desert or Siberia.

Incentive tour to Switzerland
Incentive tour to Switzerland

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Team building in the outskirts of Moscow

Educational training with elements of team building

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Nissan Barcelona
Conference in Barcelona

Conference for Nissan dealers in Barcelona

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