Destination management company in Russia

Destination management in Russia is one of the main focus areas of our agency.

For the years we are successfully carrying of corporate groups in Russia as professional incoming agency in Moscow. The Proekta’s staff is experienced specialists with excellent knowledge of all territorial features of Russia. Most popular destinations of corporate groups are Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kamchatka, Sochi. We create unique programs and concepts for corporate tours with a memorable impact.

Destination management company in Moscow is needed to ensure running event and logistics at the highest professional level. The knowledge of city’s dynamics, original places and non-tourist sights is the main difference of a professional incoming agency from a mass tour operator.

Destination management in Moscow is quite a young industry, but it has great potential. Here in Russia you can always find what to research and make discoveries every day. Russia is a vast country, not like all the others. Here you can experience different climatic conditions for a few hours, get familiar with different cultures and history of our civilization. There’re infinitely many nuances in such a large country as Russia, and dmc in Moscow should take them into account. That’s why we develop each service for our clients on an individual basis.

Direct and long-term contracts with hotels, transport companies and many other service providers allow us to follow flexible pricing policy. For dmc Moscow is city with endless cultural and historical potential, you can discover it hundred times and find every time something new.

We have taken all the best and most interesting in Russia for our customers. We’re excited to use difficult and out-of-the-box solutions since we know nothing is impossible and want you to remember Russia with love. 

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