Press conferences

Proekta agency manages dozens of press conferences for its clients at various events. Experienced staff knows all nuances of event arrangement of such kind.

Any public event involves representatives of the press, journalists, TV channels, and Internet publications. It’s important not just to gather them in one place but to deliver information in a right way. There should be no discomfort for journalists’ work, right lighting, furniture arrangement, and quality sound. Any hold-back will be a target for jeers, jokes and accusation in amateurism that will mean the doom for a conference.

Press conference procedure

Any professional event has its procedure, timing all guests are informed about before an event starts. A press conference is no exception and everyone should know when its starts, report subjects, speakers’ names and positions. Even minor nonconformity will be ridiculous and unprofessional. Before starting the host or moderator reads the procedure and, as a rule, a question-answer session follows at the end. 

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