Guerrilla marketing in Russia

One of the most efficient and viral ways for attracting attention to a product or a service is guerrilla marketing. Ambitious and often daring promos on the edge strike the eye with their personal touch and creativity.  People want to share what they’ve seen and such a promo action takes a viral effect.

Perhaps, there are no major companies, manufacturers of mass products that do not run these guerrilla promotions.

Marketing events of this kind almost always take place in crowded areas, what’s happening is being shot with hidden cameras and then posted in social media in the format of a wow clip, as if it was shot by passers-by.

Our team is always happy to use out-of-the-box solutions, we have wide experience working with similar projects both in Russian and other states


Advertising campaign for Dubai
Advertising campaign for Dubai

Snowed car installations in Moscow, Prague and Frankfurt

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