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Proekta is a Russian advertising agency in Moscow provides the complete range of services to promote your brand in the market. Proekta has provided high profile services in Moscow and across the country for 5 years.


One of the core areas of our business – PR in Russia and across the CIS. Our own foreign offices make it possible to implement projects throughout the world. We take care of your brand success, doing what we know well and very well. An event marketing firm, which services are in-demand and efficient – time- and client proved! Individual approach to each client makes the working process comfortable more than ever. Clients have experienced effectiveness of our work and cooperated with us over many years. Our advertising firm well known in Russia and CIS, we working with many international brands form all around the world.


Large network and international companies, producers of various consumer and corporate goods and services, established clothing and electronics brands trust the best international PR agency in Moscow. There are business fields where traditional advertising techniques show poor or no effects. In this case managing marketing events as a tool of promoting services to end users comes to help.


The base of many years successful work is people, of course. An international marketing agency is a living body, and staff – its cells. The credit for creating successful stories goes to high level professionals. The presence of proven partners in all largest cities and own offices is an undeniable advantage. It is not the most famous advertising company the best in Moscow, but the most efficient. To spend advertising budget doesn’t mean to get a good result, but if one manages to save it keeping high quality it is quite a different story.


Probably, some product or service standards may be developed in any other area, but marketing event organization is horse of a different color. In this case only result and quality of execution can be standardized, particularly, customer and executor communication process. This is precisely why marketing in Russia is difficult enough. The large creative component makes the process less technical and more creative. For special events marketing agency should have enough experience and expertise, all this we have in our team.


Many large companies establish their own marketing departments and attract specialists able to work within the company as in the best pr agency in the world. That’s great, but practice shows such models are obsolete. Staff within the company isn’t motivated enough, there are no competitors, and work is usually performed for form’s sake. PR firm in Moscow services is still the best method to develop business and promote one’s product. When agency advertising some goods or services it should be original solution, otherwise it will have no effect.

Press day - Comtrans
Opening exhibition stand and press conference

Stand opening ceremony at Comtrans exhibition and press conference

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Presentation of new models of Dongfeng

Presentation of new models at Moscow International Automobile Salon

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