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Proekta agency has been dealing with promotional stands since 2012, for this time our specialists fulfilled a number of large projects for both Russian and foreign clients.

Participation in exhibitions is impossible without an exhibition stand contractor that will create your brand business card and a temporary office. There are two main types of exhibit stand building – modular and exclusive stands. Almost everytime for your booth exhibition organizers provide different additional services as electricity, water, hanging points, etc. Modular stands are built from prefabricated components, this is the most cost effective solution since they’re used many times. More expensive and functional solution is an exclusive exhibit booth assembled from combined materials according to custom design. Exhibition stand arrangement is a multiple stage process where the procedure is important to take care of all significant nuances. Today’s exhibitions stands at large events are real masterpieces of art, complicated building of which requires solid experience. Exhibition stand building in Moscow is in-demand that is caused by a great many business events. 


To make an promotional booth one has to agree upon many issues with event managers at the stage of building. To get approval, take into account hall technical features, deal with logistics issues. Normally all exhibit stands building time is limited and any delay can affect on quality. Depending on the project complexity, a part of equipment can be brought from other cities or even countries, and all that must be considered to be on time. Many advertising stands are part of brand concept, so everything should be accordingly official branding. There are design engineering features at automobile exhibitions, where maximum floor hardness and certain flowing method should be taken into account. All that is very important things, disregard of which will cause structure disruption when placing cars.  Stand building for exhibitions in Moscow should be entrusted to an experienced responsible exhibition stand builder with high profile customer’s recommendations. That’s why it’s important that a builder has project delivery experience in the area your exhibition relates to. Also you have to take into account that different exhibition contractors offer different technologies and solutions and not all of them may fit your needs.

Presentation of new models of Dongfeng

Presentation of new models at Moscow International Automobile Salon

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Comtrans 2015
Building up Dongfeng exhibition stand

Exhibition set up on the Comtrans commercial vehicles show

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Golden Dragon
Stand for Golden Dragon company

Stand buildup for Golden Dragon Company on Comtrans exhibition

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Exhibition stand design

Developing design of exhibition stand for Desheli Company

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