Team building organization in Russia

Proekta agency is one of the first companies that offered its corporate clients managing rallying events. Our specialists employ a wide choice of solutions for the hard-boiled.


Team building in organizations is came to us from the West as an already proved solution to rally a team. To organize teambuilding one needs to understand what problems experience a team. It is understanding of the heart of the problem that provides an opportunity to match a really viable solution. For example, offsite teambuilding most suits companies, which employees spend a good deal of time in the office. In this case the effect of change of scene is used, and, as we know, we start to behave in a different way in a different environment.


As we already mentioned, team building organizations is focused on solving problems within a team. So, what kinds of problems they are? For example, the enmity between colleagues, it happens that sales department and accounting department are almost sworn enemies, which forget they’re in the same boat. Organizational team building can solve such situation by breaking the ice between employees. Of course, it’s not enough to organize a football tournament, actions are needed that will awake feeling of confidence and respect to each other. To solve this task one needs to put its employees to such environment where they’ll display personal characteristics colleagues were unaware of or didn’t notice in the office. For example, courage and vigour, will power and leadership skills, all that can be revealed in an unusual situation. The better idea is to set a shared goal before colleagues, a great and mindbending one, for example, to enter the Guinness Book of Records.

Team building organisations in Moscow should be professionals, otherwise such event risks to become a waste of time and money. Proekta agency help to carry out in-depth analysis of problems to solve, match the optimal solution and implement it at a high level. 


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