3 event marketing strategies

3 event marketing strategies | «Proekta»

Hosting interesting events turns out to be effective for commercial purposes. Use proven strategies to get good results.

Promote on social media

A very large audience is concentrated there - almost four billion people. And every year the number of users of social networks is only increasing. For advancement:
● use ready-made tools that are offered by social networks themselves;
● buy ads from bloggers;
● conduct joint events with other organizers;
● spend on a chatbot that will interact with customers without delay;
● send newsletters with event announcements.
All this will help to increase the audience to which you can offer goods and services.

Encourage target audience activity

To spend less on advertising and organically reach more users, encourage them to create the content you want. For example, you can organize a competition. Promise victory to those who will collect the most likes or reposts of the publication on the topic you need. Or enter a hashtag related to your business and then motivate users to post with it. Basically, you run word of mouth, which is known to work great.

Create a conversion landing page

This is definitely not a priority task, since it is expensive. Nevertheless, according to statistics, more than half of marketers note the effectiveness of such a promotion channel as their own website. The main thing is to create a landing page long before the event starts in order to whet the audience's interest. Use tricks to incentivize people to pay for an event as soon as people are on the site. For example, promise a sign-up gift or a discount when buying tickets on the day of your visit.


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