3 efficient methods how to find key speakers

3 efficient methods how to find key speakers  | «Proekta»

The speaker plays a key role in the event success. The attraction of an experienced and interesting to guests speaker will quickly disseminate information on the upcoming event and attract even more participants. He will stir interest in guests, inspire them, tell something new, making their attendance useful at most. It is a demanding challenge, isn’t it? That’s why the choice of a speaker is very important. You can find him using 3 simple and effective methods.

Social media instruments

Every influencer has an account in social media. A successful, cool speaker regularly updates his account with useful content, has numerous readers and reposts. You can check analytics and choose a popular host using theme search in BuzzSumo or additional instrument for Twitter users – Followerwonk.

YouTube can help you

A very convenient instrument – just enter a search request related to the topic of your event and you’ll find a lot of videos with performances of talented people. Additional advantage: you can judge the speaker’s behavior at the stage, his look, gestures. A large number of views means that he is interesting to people and will get a handle on your event. Then all you need is to find his contacts and address your proposal to him.

Everything of genius is poll

You have a page in a social network dedicated to the planned event? Great! It means you can create a poll and people will tell you what speaker they would like to see. To boost the effectiveness get a study using the first and second method before or after the poll. 

You can also consult a specialized agency providing the list of different speakers, but you’ll have to choose from them anyway. It’s much more convenient and effective to be involved in the process of searching personally.


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