5 tips for a novice event-manager

5 tips for a novice event-manager | «Proekta»

Organizing events is anything but simple. Only desire and creative approach aren’t enough – you must be amid technical and information novelties, keep up to the times and have a high level of creativity. We made a list of tips, which may be a base for a novice event manager and help him to know basic of this profession.

Event organization: what must be taken into account first of all?

To master event marketing faster, use our tips – event organization will become clearer and clients will find you more credible:

  1. Only a man, who has heart in his work, brings home the bacon. Think twice whether event marketing is what you want to twist your fortune with. Are you ready to interact with different people almost 24 hours a day? Are you eager enough to pave your way through this thorny path? If you answer “yes” to all these questions, and time of thinkings and doubts fell behind – all that is left to do is working!
  2. You can’t achieve success by yourself. You need a team of professionals! Surround yourself with active, committed, and creative people, you can learn from. Connections in different creative fields are also prominent: you should pay close attention to your circle of contacts and extend it all the time.
  3. Keep up with the fashions. It concerns fashion for anything: clothing, music, colours, electronics, etc. The event field is changing rapidly, and if you don’t swim with the current, you’ll bury your business soon. You must be modern – that’s the chief demand in event organization. Keep your finger on the pulse, follow the news in all fields, do anything to keep up with fashion.
  4. Be a partner, not a servant. Partner and even friendly relations with clients and contractors guarantee that anything you’ll do for them will be done as if you do it for yourself with maximum commitment. Understand that their success and reputation directly depend on these indicators in respect to you.
  5. Every little thing does matter! Such a delicate affair as organization of an event, has no “little things”. You shouldn’t turn a blind eye to seemingly insignificant defects, believing “that will do”. Indifference, lack of attention, carelessness – the main enemies of the event manager.

Certainly, such an extensive occupation involves following many other rules, which cannot be put into five items. The event manager’s major task is to learn all the time, because this profession cannot be mastered to a T. The rapidly changing field of marketing, the manager must keep up with, doesn’t make it possible to achieve the maximum: you always have something to learn. And if you’re grimly determined to commit yourself to event organization – make sure to comply with these recommendations and visit trainings and workshops from popular managers. It’s the best way to approach success!


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