Best open-air venues in Moscow

Best open-air venues in Moscow | «Proekta»

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Moscow has not lost its status as a global venue for events of any level. Of course, today's  popularity of such locations has slightly decreased, but the service and reputation have remained unchanged.
Therefore, today we will talk about the best open-air venues in the capital of the Russian Federation. 

Sparrow Hills

This is a picturesque place with a developed infrastructure, beautiful nature and an atmosphere of privacy. This site was often used for outdoor events, and the events turned out to be great.

Family Park "Fairy Tale"

This is a legendary open-air venue that has hosted hundreds of concerts and entertainment events. Famous performers have performed on the stages here, and they still have the stage in mind as part of large-scale tours.
On the territory there are sports and playgrounds so that the kids do not get bored, tennis alleys, as well as a complex of ancient columns that landscape designers have connected with shady trees and palms.

Rooftop "Viking"

This is an open-air area designed in a classic Scandinavian style. There is a lot of natural wood, pastel colors in the interior of indoor spaces, an abundance of greenery and water.
The complex includes a personal parking space, as well as a football field, volleyball court, and a decorative pool. The kitchen here will satisfy the hunger of sophisticated guests - "Viking" is designed for 300 people. The site is ideal for training, seminars, corporate events, as well as family celebrations.
Any personal requests can be discussed with the management of the complex, since the service and capabilities of the team are quite extensive.

Silver Forest

This is the main beach area in Moscow. Hundreds of tourists and townspeople gather here to appreciate the beauty of nature. This ecologically clean place can also become a platform for family events and corporate parties.
Great views, swimming and lots of possibilities nearby - the perfect place for a fun and memorable time.

City Square

It is an outdoor area with a large screen, bars and lounges. There is a convenient infrastructure (proximity to transport interchanges), as well as ample opportunities. At the click of your fingers, the square turns into a concert area, charitable or socially significant event.

Super beach

It is the ideal place for organizing parties, corporate events and private gatherings with beautiful views. There is an ideal transport interchange, a guarded parking lot, an abundance of entertainment facilities, the infrastructure itself is conducive to relaxation and enjoyment of a fun pastime.
This is a far from complete list of open-air venues, but these are well-known, and the organizers have proven the high quality of service. By choosing one of the locations described above, you will 100% host a cool event that you and your guests will remember. 


Moscow, Butyrskaya Street 62

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Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg, St. Lva Tolstogo 1-3

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Rostov-on-Don, St. Koroleva 5b

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