7 best conference rooms in Moscow

About where to hold the most stylish event, where the most innovative conference rooms and how to surprise the sophisticated audience, in the current Proekta’s article

Skolkovo - innovative

Area: 2700 m2

Capacity: 660 people

Equipment: 14-meter screen, projectors, professional sound equipment, theater lighting system, conference system built into the chairs, microphones and simultaneous translation system

Parking: 150 places, guarded

An impressive hall in the form of an amphitheater, a huge lobby and leading business events of the country. Since the opening of Skolkovo, it has firmly established itself in the three most serious venues for holding events such as conferences, large symposiums, forums and congresses of international level. The campus of the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo is located in a picturesque corner of the Moscow region. The main feature of its sites is its reputation, unique architecture, ergonomics of space and well-thought-out infrastructure. The organizers' side can take full advantage of 40 meeting rooms, a hotel and cottages with comfortable rooms, the possibility of holding part of the event at the open air (in tents), 16 multi-function rooms and free wifi. And, of course, the innovative component of the center. Which will be reflected in the event held within its walls.

Flacon - stylish

Area: 504 m2 (3 levels)

Capacity: over 300 people

Equipment: professional audio equipment, microphones, DJ-remote, screen, projector

Parking: 7000 places, guarded

Stylish venue in the spirit of minimalism with a strong track record of event-list of international clients. Among the many proposed spaces, the closest to the format of the conference room is Cube. 2 minutes from the metro, three levels of various sizes, a control room, a wardrobe and, importantly, two toilet rooms. In general, it is more than 500 meters of area, LED backlighting and a capacity of more than 300 people. Want to bring a huge robot or present a car? “Cube” is the optimal solution for those who need to use several spaces at the same time. The walls of the space are made up of mobile panels that can be moved up and down. With their help, truly unique designs are created. An enclosed hall or a circular walk-through gallery - you decide. By the way, this conference hall was repeatedly recognized as the best business space in a public interior.

Digital October - technological

Area: 350 m2

Capacity: 400 people

Equipment: 3 video walls made of seamless LCD panels, a projector, professional lighting equipment, microphones, audio monitors and subwoofers, booths for simultaneous interpretation, etc.

Parking: 200 places, guarded

One of the most fashionable metropolitan venues, famous for the abundance of truly unique spaces and the versatility of the halls. The name speaks for itself. DO is a great option for holding forums, conferences and discussions on the topic of modern technology and future research. Here goes iconic public talks with international speakers, meetups and hackathons. Our interest is the conference hall for 400 people, which is optimal for large business events. Nearby is a lounge area, a hall and halls for holding both traditional coffee breaks and the most extravagant activities. Have you decided to hold a teleconference or chose a non-standard promotional solution? Do you want to hold a grand party for the participants of a business event with a view of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior or to set aside a hall for chamber communication? Digital October will provide you with that. Excellent equipment, interesting options for different formats of events and a favorable location for foreign guests are the main features of the Digital October venue.

Technopolis "Moscow" - specialized

Area: 470 m2

Capacity: 550 people

Equipment: screen, projector, stage light, video conferencing, microphones, equipment for simultaneous translation, etc.

Parking: 300 places and VIP parking, guarded

The uniqueness of the multiplex congress center of the technopolis "Moscow" is that it was originally conceived as an event venue. It is logical to assume that the hi-tech style space is thought out to the smallest detail and is equipped with professional equipment according to the highest standards of the event industry. Spacious reception hall, wardrobe, a whole range of stylish meeting rooms, a separate VIP-parking for speakers with direct access to the dressing rooms. The largest and most spacious venue of the congress center is the Technopolis Hall, which fits perfectly into the parameters of the venue for business events with a large number of visitors and speakers. A scene with comfortable seating for 7 speakers, VIP dressing rooms, dynamic lighting and a video broadcasting system. Technopolis is a truly progressive and modern platform for business events of the highest level.

DI Telegraph - Progressively

Area: 890 m2

Capacity: 600 people

Equipment: screen, projector, lighting and sound equipment, mobile scene

Parking: none, public parking

A hybrid space under the side of Red Square, which is located in the historical building of the Central Telegraph. On ordinary days, this is a spacious coworking. One of the first loft spaces in Moscow was chosen by a creative audience, young businessmen and owners of promising startups. However, space is available for rent. As a platform, you will get a huge hall with high ceilings, a large wardrobe, your own reception desk, a good set of necessary equipment within walking distance from the main attractions of the capital. Fashionable space will be interesting to a progressive audience from 18 to 40 years old. There is a mobile stage, a spacious meeting room and wi-fi. If you want to end the event with a party or restrict access to natural light, light-proof curtains and high-quality sound come to the rescue.

Ritz Carlton - luxuriously

Area: 600 m2

Capacity: 700 people

Equipment: lighting and sound equipment, stage

Parking: 320 places, guarded

Ritz-Carlton is associated with luxury, unique interiors and the best breakfasts overlooking Red Square. However, the Ritz is also a quality space for luxury business events. He is the most prestigious site of Moscow in a building with a long history. 10 stunning conference rooms with their own wardrobe for up to 700 people with a classic look are suitable for the sophisticated audience and luxury events with high-class guests. The best venue for a major event would be the Ballroom. Like other rooms, the Ballroom is equipped with built-in plasma panels, screens and multimedia projectors. Elegant meeting room, high-quality equipment and a high level of security and confidentiality (including limited access to the conference space) make the venue one of the most high-status places in the capital. Ritz is traditionally famous for its world-class service and cuisine (catering) and atmosphere. If you need to organize an impeccable business event, Ritz is the best solution.

Radisson SAS Slavyanskaya - with comfort

Area: 672 m2

Capacity: 550 people

Equipment: 3D screen, sound reinforcement system, simultaneous translation system, screen, film screening equipment

Parking: guarded, paid

Functional conference venue in the city center with excellent accessibility, good capacity and a wide range of hall options. 14 universal spaces in classic interiors for business events, accommodating from 15 to 500 people. Radisson SAS is well known in the business community of the capital. Theater seating, large screens, spacious meeting rooms and transformer rooms allow you to hold almost any event in a business format. The most demanded is the Conference Hall, which provides a stage with a podium, a 3D screen and an amphitheater to accommodate guests.

 Radisson SAS Slavyanskaya ¬– the best choice for those who want to hold a worthy event in an understandable and comfortable venue.


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