Successful event manager’s Portrait: 10 main features

Successful event manager’s Portrait: 10 main features | «Proekta»

A picture is a smiling person on the backdrop of a pretentious event does not correspond to the real activity of the event manager. To become successful in the field of event-activity, it is necessary both to know the subtleties of business, entertaining, cognitive "meetings" and to have certain character traits. Event manager takes "his place", if he has at least half of the following qualities.

1. Outperform Julius Caesar

Two things at the same time are little things. It is necessary to carry out five, and ideally ten cases at the same time, otherwise the holiday will not take place. To write the event scenario, concurrently negotiating with the lessors of the hall or grounds, and in breaks to think over the management's speech, the festive table and entertainment is the norm for the event-agent. Multitasking is your middle name? Then you will cope with the role!

2. Moderate creativity

Ability to create an original program, but not to "overdo" with creativity - one of the most important skills. Solve the task in an extraordinary way, not allow guests to get bored - it's important. Do not offend those present "original" - even more important. Otherwise, you will not be contacted again.

3. Naturalness and ease

Get out of the ambiguous situation, find the right word and approach in case of unforeseen circumstances is an excellent quality for the event manager. Even if you "swept" into the Sahara instead of the planned recreation on the ocean, you can present the event as a new round of the holiday.

4. A little bit from the chameleon

"To change color" according to the situation - it is rather useful. Today you are the main cheerleader of the sports team, tomorrow - express yourself in a "high calm" in the society of aristocrats. You need to be "your own" so that your merits are appreciated.

5. How without useful acquaintances?

The ability to find "the right people" and maintain partnership with them is an important skill. Excellent, if you know how to "make connections" on an equal footing, and in various areas - from government officials to housing and communal services.

6. To find a contact with a conversation

To support the conversation on any topic, remain friendly and sociable with "aristocrats and degenerates" - with such qualities it is much easier to "feel" the situation and create an excellent event for event manager.

7. Friendship with Mathematics

Budgeting and the calculation of probable or unforeseen expenses are part of the work of the event manager. It's great if you are friends with figures, and after paying all the expenses there is some amount left in the stock.

8. Ability to " persuade "

The skills of the seller in the event-career are not superfluous. If you are able to persuade the Eskimos to buy snow - then you are a natural event and you do not have to beg for sponsorship, you will be glad to have it after the conversation.

9. Self-organization

Looseness is canceled. Ability to plan own and entire team’s time and business - is required.

10. "All about all"

Nobody canceled erudition. Successfully inserted phrase often decides more than lengthy negotiations. Even superficial knowledge in a large volume is one more plus to the event-specialist’s karma. 

The secret: 2-3 qualities are inherent in nature in every specialist, it is not difficult to develop 3-4 useful skills in yourself. And then a brilliant and exciting career is yours.


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