Preparation of a large-scale event: 5 main stages

Preparation of a large-scale event: 5 main stages  | «Proekta»

It’s necessary to take into account many factors at the stage of preparation to make the event successful and leave positive emotions. We’ll discuss the main steps in this article.

Venue selection and preparation 

A bankers’ corporate party, a rockers’ rave and a festival require different venues – this is a fact. When choosing the site it’s necessary to take into account not only the scale of the event but such “small details” as the number of guests, format (training, entertainment, conference, etc.), age peculiarities and participants’ preferences. It’s also obligatory to take into consideration one or several organizations engage in preparation in order not to waste client’s time and money for excessive moves. 


To gather the staff of experienced employees, to provide action smoothness and reasonable coordination is the recipe for event success. Depending on the size of the project there should be a manager (if necessary – a deputy manager who can independently delegate powers and negotiate with contractors), an advertising manager, a person responsible for creative part. If text support (booklets, catchwords, articles in mass media) is planned, it’s necessary to attract a journalists or a copywriter.

Content preparation

“Content” is understood as any features interesting to the target audience. This can bemultimedia innovations, traditional presentations and video messages. If you need to be creative – do experiment, modern possibilities allow realize any fantasies. For example, put 3D glasses on guests.  

Risk management estimation

External and internal risks can appear in the course of preparation – this is unavoidable. The external risks are unforeseen factors due to the lack of information, equipment failure, weather conditions or mutiny at last. The internal risks are a consequence of team disorganization or employees’incompetence. To minimize these risks it’s feasible to make up a detailed Roadmap and read out aloud each team member his duties and sanctions in case of failure to perform them or untimely performance. 


To announce the event loudly and correctly – is a very important step. Depending on the scale of the planned action and features of target audience such step can be as follows: informing through press and TV, announcements in social media, out-dated but still relevant ring round, banner ads and hand out of flyers. 

The rules for a successful event definitely change, but knowing 5 main stages it’s easier to “collect the base skeleton”, on which it’s possible to rely on in the future. 



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