Black Friday's events

Black Friday's events | «Proekta»

Quite a lot of research confirms the fact that the number of sales on Black Friday increases several times. Someone prepares a large amount in advance in anticipation of goods with discounts, every second makes purchases spontaneously. And it makes sense to focus on the last group separately in the sphere of service offerings.

Ways to use event marketing

Depending on the goals and specifics of the company, you can use one of three methods.
1. Hosting events is the most obvious option.
2. Attendance at events. Then we are talking about promoting the goods and services of the company already as a guest, work is being done to strengthen the brand's reputation, and the demonstration of expertise.
3. Sponsoring events. This approach is effective in its own way in grabbing the audience's attention.
All three are ways to increase customer loyalty and present new products. Moreover, taking into account the statistics that on Black Friday the audience is prone to "extra" purchases.


Some people wonder if it makes sense to spend time and energy on event marketing, and not some simple simple and already tried and tested ways to promote on Black Friday. Definitely it does.
Prepare information about the upcoming event in advance, potential clients began to plan their expenses. Warm up interest by reminding yourself through an ad campaign. Be sure to focus on how you are better than your competitors. And give it to people at the event! For example, invite a presenter to draw prizes for those who purchased a product or paid for a service.
If you follow the recommendations, Black Friday will be a plus. The better you organize your event, the more new clients you will receive. And interaction with them will continue even after Black Friday.

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