Amazing charity events: 5 innovative ideas

Amazing charity events: 5 innovative ideas | «Proekta»

Charity fundraising turns from a meager official event into an interesting program, if we take a correct scenario and replace spiels with the interactive, touching participants’ emotions. We offer 5 events, which will yield not only expected amount in the fund but also cheer up.

1.    Masquerade

Pattern yourself on the Sojourner Family Peace Center organization (Wisconsin), which rises the finances for domestic violence victims. To show how difficult the woman’s role can be, men are offered to put high heels on and walk a mile within the event Walk a Mile in Her Shoes. Idea: create a situation when the participant could try the role of people he helps first-hand.

2.    Animal kingdom

Relief fund for gorillas The Gorilla Organisation offered know-how in the form of an 8-km run in gorilla costumes. Entrance fee – 58 euro, 600 participants, total fee – 100 thousand euro. Celebrities also took part in the fancy-dress run, which fuelled the interest towards the event. Idea: don’t be shy to make an original and unique program with many participants, this attracts sponsors.

3.    After tasty dinner

To fundraise for teaching mentally handicapped people MENCAP fund annually arranges giant burger challenge. Our experience tells us that it’s beyond the scope of the common man to cope with such a “dinner”, but participants do their best. Idea: allow the participants of charity event to show their abilities and rise to the challenge.

4.    Monster benefactor

Is it possible to fundraise plenty of money, if participation fee is only 1 euro? Easy! That’s the way TCCL does, they help children with oncology and leukemia. The parade where children from schools and kindergarten took part in the hand-made costumes fundraised the amount enough to open vacation house for sick children. Idea: if event’s participants can become interested and show imagination, the event will pay off many times.

5.    King of the Hill

Event-project of a snow club raise money for its existence by means of an event we know from childhood: going down the slide. Difference: instead of sledges and boxes you’re invited to go down the slide on a bar chair. Idea: laughter and adrenaline – is a great method to replenish the financial fund thanks to participants’ emotions.

Be bold, there are many emotions and you can try each of them. If  you don’t get sloppy, it’s possible to create unique events, which will help to bring to life the most daring charity ideas.


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