Dark market in Russia

Dark market in Russia | «Proekta»

A number of brands do not have access to a standard set of promotion tools in Russia. For example, manufacturers of tobacco and alcoholic beverages face severe restrictions due to federal law. In the development of new channels of communication with the target audience, the dark market comes to the aid of brands, with the help of which the advertiser remains in the shadows.

Promotion in the dark market

Since the main feature is that direct mention of the brand is unacceptable, its strong position in the market is important. Otherwise, the consumer will not even clearly associate hidden advertising with a specific brand. As in any other story with promotion, it is important to present in detail the portrait of the consumer, take into account his expectations and desires.


Speaking about brand popularization, I would like to recall the example of the introduction of Mamont vodka to the Russian market. Consumers were offered a story about an archaeological expedition to Yakutia, where a completely preserved head of a Yukagir mammoth was found. Allegedly, it was this find that inspired the creation of Mamont vodka. The more interesting and less hackneyed the story told by the brand, the stronger the audience's interest.

Word of mouth

Communication with potential clients can be done in person. There is an example of the Hennessy Martini company in the USA, which built a brand at the expense of a group of people who demanded a specific drink in establishments. Then visitors were involved in a discussion of its benefits. You can advance in Russia in the same way.
Another example of word of mouth is the use of online capabilities. Paid articles on forums and blogs have shown their effectiveness. The products are shared with influencers and they post their impressions.


Sometimes working with seemingly competing brands can be beneficial to both parties. For example, organizing wine festivals, beer presentation parties is guaranteed to keep old customers and attract new ones. If you also add a couple of little things like a photo zone or contests with prizes from sponsors - alcohol and tobacco companies - the audience's interest will increase significantly.

Summing up, we can say that legislative restrictions have led to the fact that alcohol and tobacco brands are constantly working to create new channels of communication with consumers, marketers are looking for and successfully finding creative ideas.


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