Event marketing after pandemic

Event marketing after pandemic | «Proekta»

Tens of thousands of companies closed in 2020 due to the pandemic. Even more, they are experiencing a crisis due to a sharp drop in demand for a number of services and goods. As you know, for someone a crisis can always become a point of growth. In particular, the event industry has changed a lot during the quarantine.

Virtual events

Fully digital events once seemed like something out of the ordinary. Now they are considered completely normal. Live broadcasts now host not only all kinds of trainings and business meetings, but also any holidays. For example, children's birthdays were in demand. On the air, the animator gives interesting tasks.

Children communicate and have fun. Their parents are calm for the enthusiastic kids. Due to their age, it turned out to be easier for children to quickly integrate into the new format of events, but soft, systematic work is also carried out with adults. And in order for it to be of high quality, the organizers need to ask themselves all the same questions as offline:
1. What do I know about the target audience? (Gender, age, occupation, hobby).
2. What are her needs?
3. How can I satisfy them in a virtual environment?

At the beginning of the pandemic, not everyone was ready to switch to the online format, but now they got too used to it and found their advantages in it. Therefore, virtual events are retained by large companies.

Contactless entertainment

Taking into account the requirements for compliance with sanitary standards and social distance, it makes sense to thoughtfully approach the choice of the site. Obviously, you can just rent a spacious room for a large conference, but what will be the price? Or there is an alternative: organize the zoning of the space so that the speaker is on the “stage”. There he will be able to move freely during the performance and at the same time maintain the necessary distance.
Another good safety option on days when the weather permits is outdoor activities.

Thirst for emotion

Since many have starved for impressions during the pandemic, there is still a surge in demand for vibrant programs. Standard conferences and trainings are less in demand. More interesting, for example, are thematic teambuildings that can breathe new life into the team.

Summing up some results, we can say that the pandemic has made significant changes in the field of event marketing, but did not break it. Someone found new opportunities for communication with the target audience during the crisis in order to preserve and increase it.


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