Effective event’s Formula

Effective event’s Formula | «Proekta»

If you look at the event agency’s activities by the chemist’s eyes, you can trace a certain similarity with chemical reactions. The result is a successful event, and the components of success can be various "reagents". Effective events’ formulas by the scientists’ eyes look like this: event-components come into a certain reaction, depending on the "additives" (catalysts), the reaction occurs or does not occur. Mixing the "ingredients" - the event tools takes place in this order:

To understand the customer by 100%

An understanding from a half-word is very important when working on one project. Remember, the Client knows his audience better, so do not hesitate if there is a feeling of "wrong" - the client wants the best for his company. Providing an "ideal" will help draw up briefs and technical assignments, discussion of the concept and budget, the possibility of making adjustments "on the go."

Team building

It is simple to form a team which will work effectively, for this you should choose the right motivation. Let the master of own business be responsible for each site and stage of the event: the project manager is a general organization, the director, the illuminator and the soundman, the manager will also be needed. Do not forget about arrangements with contractors, they are also at the time of preparing the event - also your employees.

Choose the format

It's not about obvious things, like a cake for a wedding or a birthday. It implies a format close to the corporate values ​​of the client company. It can be corporate or teambuilding, culinary or sewing master classes, sports events. There are many options, your task is to choose the optimal

Beauty is power

The more beautiful you will decorate the site, the better will be the guests’ mood. Accordingly, the chances are higher that you will be re-applied. Take care of the design of invitations, stage, dress code and other components.


Check and recheck before the event how the toilet works, whether screens are working, whether there is a mobile connection and access to the Internet. Such "trifles" - concern for your reputation.

Event means impressions

Take care the participants not to be bored. Depending on the budget and format of the holiday guests can entertain a world-class star or a cartoon character. The choice is yours, the main thing is not to mistake.


All need to be motivated, costs must be compensated, and this is limited by money. Specify with the client which form of calculation (and in what monetary units) is preferable for him.

Reagents are ready, you can mix and expect a reaction. Whether the event will have a great success or fail depends on your efforts.


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