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Event marketing for business | «Proekta»

When building a sales strategy and making financial forecasts, any company needs to be guided by what market share it occupies, what are the needs of the target audience. It is necessary to segment customers into groups in order to launch effective advertising for each. Even if there are stable sales, a product or service is in demand, it is important to stay on the buzz to increase profits. To do this, you can use such a growth point as event marketing. The main thing is to promote a product or service competently.

Mistakes in event marketing

To date, dozens of event formats have been tested for various tasks. The two biggest mistakes an organizer can make are:
1. Hold an event for the sake of an event. Just because everyone is doing it now, for example. In this case, a decent part of the budget will be spent, but it will not be possible to reach the target audience, take into account its interests.
2. Focus on yourself. When the owner of a successful business is overly confident in his own coolness, he may begin to broadcast this idea and only that. The logical result will be the loss of interest of the target audience. Consumers care more about what they get than the company's advertising.
This does not mean that you need to forget about yourself altogether. Advertising elements should be present, but be so harmoniously woven into the scenario of the event, so as not to cause rejection.

Company PR

It is better to hold events less often, but to make them meaningful and large-scale opens up more opportunities. In particular, you can invite journalists, and they will cover all the details in the media. As a result, your company will be mentioned more than once, its status will increase. Thanks to the discussions of the event, the loyalty of not only existing customers will increase, but also those who have just learned about the brand. Gradually, you will establish yourself as a reliable and responsible market participant.


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