Events: TOP-5 interactive formats

Events: TOP-5 interactive formats  | «Proekta»

Informal communication in the professional sphere often leads to more tangible results than the usual for the post-Soviet space "professional development". The lesson is easier to assimilate and is retained in the person's memory longer if using the "sharing economy" technology. The interaction of services and resources and the "joint consumption" created around them is an innovative method with enormous potential. Therefore, for sharing events, a future that will change all aspects of human life: communication, production, consumption, etc.

To enable participants to share knowledge in a comfortable and productive environment, advanced event agencies offer events in progressive interactive formats.

1. The Aquarium

The center leaders whose opinion is worth listening to, and around them there are the participants of the event. Everyone has an opportunity to speak, ask a question and even take a place in the center, if his opinion or information is important. In this format, "lecturing" is excluded, during the conversation there are answers to complex questions.

2. Pecha Kucha

The way of a dynamic presentation. The bottom line is to have 20 slides in a short time. The presentation of each slide is given 20 seconds, which does not allow "pouring water", the information is given only in fact. Such an interactive event-event allows in a record time to see and discuss the maximum number of presentations and find the optimal.

3. "Open space"

A feature of Open Space technology is when participants set the speed of the event and detail the schedule themselves. The coordinator asks only the question on which a suitable decision should be made for a certain time (1-2 days).

4. Not a conference

Informal communication on professional topics without leadership. The goal is to share experience and knowledge, generate new ideas. Feature - the schedule is created by the participants, all ideas are accepted for discussion. The functions "reject" or "reject" are not provided. The solution should be found in any problem and the format of Unconference contributes to this in full.

5. "World of cafe"

The format of the event is in the atmosphere of a meeting in a cafe. World Café means "seeding" in the form of presentation of the topic and its discussion within 20 minutes. Feature - an informal meeting place, comfortable atmosphere for participants. The goal is to share knowledge and resolve issues among like-minded people.

Events in interactive formats are the trend of modern meetings. According to the participants, such a solution has great potential and allows finding the answer to a complex question as quickly as possible.


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