Experiential marketing in Russia

Experiential marketing in Russia | «Proekta»

Brand communication through some kind of unusual experience or event still remains in Russia, which is less in demand than traditional promotion channels such as outdoor or television advertising.

And in our opinion, this is a tragic omission.

High-budget and creative empirical campaigns have long become not only the norm, but simply an obligatory part of the marketing strategy of not only large established giants, but also relatively small startups.

Brand experience and Experiential marketing have existed as separate channels for brand promotion for a very long time, but nevertheless, they have not yet gained popularity in Russia.

The global experience of global brands has long proven the high effectiveness of experiential marketing, especially in competitive markets.

In addition to the natural viral effect, the brand gets an information purpose that can be used for a very long time, gaining audience coverage not only offline, but also online (theoretically, for an infinitely long time).

The engagement of the audience can only be compared with a live concert of your favorite band.

This is one of the shortest ways to the hearts of the brand's new audience.

The budgets for such projects are often ridiculous compared to the production of advertising or its long-term placement on external media.

In many ways, of course, the implementation of such projects depends on the courage of the client, as every time you have to do something that no one else has done before.

Just look at these case studies from all over the world and ask yourself, "Does my brand definitely don't need experiential marketing?"

  • Disinfectant ring on trolley handles in supermarkets. The Lifebuoy brand has developed a special device which installed on the arms of trolleys in supermarkets. With an easy swipe, the ring completely removed bacteria from the arm. This is consumer's dream about such care from the brand. By the way, when a pandemic struck, guys shook the dust off the drawings and launched it again, but this time as an independent commercial project.

  • Startup Lyft is not yet operating in Russia, but well-known far beyond its borders, in a fight with Uber for the best drivers, made a free car wash for them. Just look at this beauty, all doubts about who is the best employer disappear immediately.

  • And this is a fairly fresh case that Netflix and Secret Cinema are implementing in Los Angeles right now. This is how Netflix draws attention to its "Stranger Things" series, on the basis of which operator of immersive shows - "Secret Cinema", made a whole show, which they do not come to, but come by car.


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