7 methods to get rid of loser syndrome after failed event

7 methods to get rid of loser syndrome after failed event   | «Proekta»

No one is safe from failures, especially in creative business. That’s why event-managers often fall into “risk zone” and their self-esteem got hurt. We offer to recover the positive level, following simple recommendations. 

1.   Analysis

Think what went wrong, where the mistake was made. Analytics allows learning a necessary lesson and not walking twice into the same water. Besides, this approach is a great opportunity of self-development.

2.   Communication

“Ostrichpolicy” afterfailuresis  theworstsolution. Admit that you made a mistake, this evokes trust and respect, and problem discussion allows drawing right conclusions.

3.   Vacation fromevents

A well-timed break is useful for cerebration and emotional system recovery. If you need to replenish finances, engage in work not related to events. As a rule, a failed event ends with debts before suppliers, take care of back payment, before organizing a new event.

4.   Training

Find a mentor, with whom you can discuss the project, build strategies, then failure chance will be minimized. It’s easier to resolve doubts, prospects and organization features, if you feel the support of an experienced specialist. 

5.   Inspiration

Find a positive moment in the heap of failures. Why, something was successful, wasn’t it? Find successful strategies in the event and make them the basis for developing a new campaign.

6.   Rethinking

There is no point to think that event manager profession is not your cup of tea after failed event. It’s rather areason to “reboot” and bring to life innovative ideas. Probably, your campaigns areold-fashioned and they need “shake-up”. 

7.   Image investment

Afterfailuresit’sdifficulttotalktopeopleyoudroptheballon. We recommend inspiring confidence by investing your own funds in the project. For example, providing good discounts to suppliers or payment to staff who service the event. 

Don’t try to hide behind an artificial smile, probably, failure is a new stage to serious achievements. Destiny shows that you need to take a break beforeconquering a new summit, that’s why don’t stop. Analyze, develop and success will be yours.


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