Fair as a way to promote brand

Fair as a way to promote brand  | «Proekta»

A bright event with a festive atmosphere, competitions, workshops, music, fairs – this is a modern fair. The large accumulation of people at this time is very profitable for each company, which offers its product or services. The fair should be penetrated with one topic and its guests are interested people. To promote the brand with the help of fair you can:

  • Become its sponsor or partner;
  • Organize your own project.

Both methods are appropriate for the promotion of your own goods, whether it will be cakes, home appliances or trip tickets. And while sponsorship is more or less clear, how to organize an event in favor of brand?

Advantages of“name” fair

Let’s examine what this large-scale event can do in the area of company promotion:

  1. The brand becomes recognizable among potential consumers, loyalty is being formed towards the brand.
  2. It’s most convenient to run promos at a fair to stimulate sales.
  3. It contributes to a precise hit into the target audience. Those who really need offered products/services will be interested. It means investments return quickly and efficiently.

Let’s take for example Oktoberfest in Munich. In 2013 beer was sold amounting to $96M at the fair! Imagine the profit and additional advertising for beer companies? 

What place your bet on? 

There are three main criteria: content, space, and communication. 

Content is thematic activities. For example, a workshop for cake improvements is held at the confectionery fair – this is activity, content. Space is everything about the venue. Communication is the main component, it results from these above-mentioned two components. Give people content and pleasant venue and they will communicate by themselves!

Running a large-scale event is only profitable when it is successfully organized. The fair will become a great promotion tool.


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