Floristics trends 2018: unique and natural trends in fashion

Floristics trends 2018: unique and natural trends in fashion | «Proekta»

The ability to be aware of fashionable tendencies – is a sign of event manager’s professionalism. Floristics is not an exception. According to Skaff studies, today compositions in heavy shades with the elements of exclusive decoration, often handmade, are relevant. We offer you to get to know florist’s works to have the idea of trends 2018. 

1.   Luxurious Mediterranean

A unique composition, which puts an emphasis on the event welfare. Feature: color gamma typical for the flowers of Spanish and Italian region. Rich shades of gold, cinnabar, and sky blue.

2.   Earth’s elements

Simple and tender embodiment of nature’s spirit, whichlovers of natural beauty in floristics will appreciate. To create the composition the flowers of lotus. amaranth, celosia, as well as handmade decoration are used.

3.   Positively Posh

The stylization of a royal bouquet of the time of French court rise. Splendour and volume in tender pink shades with bright golden and pearl accents which Marie Antoinette loved make a comeback. Flowers perfect for composition:peony, hydrangea, lilac, pink lilies.

4.   Country and pastoral

Country style and naturality are actively used by modern designers, and floristics is not an exception. Free compositions in bright colours look original and harmonious at corporate parties, weddings and other events. Skaff considers thatsunflowers, chamomiles, and gerberas look especially gorgeous in such bouquets. 

The new is, as we know,blast from the past. That’s why innovations always surprise us, as due to new materials for decoration you can decorate compositions exclusively without fear to repeat something. Correspondingly, there is every chance to make an event original and unforgettable. 


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