How changed formats of business and marketing events in Russia during pandemic

How changed formats of business and marketing events in Russia during pandemic | «Proekta»

The coronavirus pandemic has affected all sectors of the economy and business. The global process has not bypassed the marketing and exhibition direction.
Therefore, today we will talk about what businessmen and PR-agents had to face, and about global trends. Sit back, friends, we're starting!

What marketing has faced

The main rule in marketing is a successful strategy = symbiosis of tools. Therefore, marketing has suffered the least due to covid. It's just that the experts changed the priority of the instruments, and "got from the far shelf" the well-known methods.
For example, online events. They were used for a long time, but could not compete with offline meetings and events. Now, instead of 4 meetings a year with 200-300 attendance, marketers hold online events every month and a half.

As statistics show, the cost of conducting has been reduced by half due to the low cost of software, rental of premises and technical equipment. But the attendance has grown to 400-450 people, and the number of views - by 800%.
When a company is having a tough time, many executives use the buzzword “optimization”. In fact, this is a check of each employee for work efficiency. However, this method is resorted to as a last resort.

To summarize: in the marketing sector, the coronavirus simply optimized the internal resources of the company, made people remember about other mechanisms and tools for promoting goods and services.

What business events has faced

The convention and exhibition business has lost the most from the coronavirus pandemic, since the city authorities have special requirements for offline meetings.
The owners of the exhibition halls and conference halls had the hardest time. The organizers were also left without a piece of sweet pie. And no one belittles the benefits and importance of meetings.
Therefore, the business suffered significant losses, the remaining players seriously lost ground and shrank. At the same time, the online direction began to develop actively. That is, a group of people rents a room equipped with a multimedia system and projectors. Through the software, employees or partners are connected to the broadcast and a scheduled meeting or meeting, for example, of shareholders, takes place.
Of course, the quality of communication from the point of view of human relationships and interpersonal communication decreases somewhat, but this format of negotiations fulfills the functional purpose.
The forecast for the restoration and development of offline events is as follows: over time, a large deferred demand for live communication will form. Therefore, with the improvement of the global situation with covid, we will recover and grow the marketing and exhibition business. Therefore, now everything depends on the authorities, the number of vaccinated and compliance by the citizens of the Russian Federation with the epidemiological recommendations of the Ministry of Health.


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