How to find the best event agency in Moscow

How to find the best event agency in Moscow | «Proekta»

When there’s a task to organize an event in Moscow or in any other megapolis, one faces the challenge of choosing a contractor – event company.

The first problem you may face is language barrier, that’s why you need to check whether a potential partner has English version of his website, if you’re looking for a partner remotely.

There is a great deal of agencies in Moscow as in any other big city, they literally struggle for each client, for this reason there is no point to make a choice only because of attractive prices.

The next problem you may face is a great difference in understanding of standards of work and communication. Pay attention to the way the correspondence is held, the form the work material is submitted to you – presentations, cost estimates, etc.

All these details will either be alarming or provide credibility and assure you of the right choice.

Try to find out whether the partner has experience of working with foreign clients and what experience exactly; was it similar to what you need?

As soon as the above mentioned details are clarified, it would be good to meet in real life, become acquainted in person, and discuss all details of the project at hand. This will help you to dispel the rest of your doubts and make sure your partner understand you and you “share a common language”.

Search for a core business company that has experience you need and necessary qualification. It’s a good idea to choose a few partners and keep one of them as a backup, if something goes wrong.


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