How to increase visibility of the brand: Prada case study

How to increase visibility of the brand: Prada case study | «Proekta»

Italian luxury fashion maker and luxury wardrobe regular Prada has launched a cruise collection. Representatives of the fashion house posted stylish black and white portraits and colored bows ... On flower bouquets! Florists were instructed to break the borders of glossy covers, stuffy catwalks and closed boutiques. They became the protagonists of the Prada Resort 2020 campaign. The attention of the largest fashion capitals - London, Milan, New York, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo and, of course, Moscow - is riveted to cozy flower studios. Shops turned into podiums, and buyers became true trendsetters of the new format of the advertising campaign. Interest, romance, real excitement and poetic stories - this is an incomplete list of what Prada marketers have achieved.

What is the creative of a luxury advertising campaign? Prada decided to contact the right customer in a non-standard way - through floral packaging. Dozens of designers worked on the campaign’s lookbook. They decided to abandon the patterns. And they transferred the photo shoot from the glossy pages to the retro-style paper packaging. This gave the campaign romance and served as an occasion for creating creativity by consumers themselves. Dozens of analysts conducted marketing research of flower salons. Employees walked around the most fashionable streets. And they found cozy aesthetic premium floristic salons. This has helped the brand reach its target audience. Hundreds of florists around the world carefully trimmed hydrangeas, lavender and ranunculi. They picked the perfect combination of colors with black and white portraits and colorful bows at Prada Resort. This reminded the buyer that one of the world's best brands of designer clothes interacts with them, which itself creates trends and fashion.

These stages went through Moscow. Some of them were implemented by Proekta. We analyzed the floristry market, agreed to cooperate with boutiques, and filmed and controlled the work of the salons. Meanwhile, around the creative format of the Prada advertising campaign, a real stir has begun. Popular bloggers, models, brand admirers, and even entire editions of the Russian gloss looked into stores. On social networks, hundreds of photos with hashtags of the collection flashed, publications were full of enthusiastic reviews. In flower salons, mini-shootings were arranged, and they tried to redeem wrapping paper more than once. Hundreds of thousands of likes, thousands of questions, hundreds of prying eyes. Prada managed to create the effect of an exploding bomb. Retro-style wrapping paper, and with it the Prada brand cruise collection, has filled the entire fashionable capital!


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