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Influencer Marketing in Russia: a dish to be served hot

You've probably heard of the term "influencer marketing" by now. This is the name of the promotion of goods / services with the help of opinion leaders. And immediately a disclaimer - this is not only about bloggers. This could be a user with the nickname SuperMam from a thematic forum for young moms, to whose opinion everyone listens. Or streamer Christina, fitness trainer, popular pet. Leaders are everywhere where a huge audience gathers: on social networks, on forums, on YouTube. Perhaps the most convenient and effective platform for collaborating with brands is Instagram. The social network is used by at least 78% of opinion leaders.
The secret weapon of influence marketing is that it doesn't feel like direct advertising. People are used to believing their favorite idols more than advertising on TV.

What tasks does influencer marketing help to solve?

When working with influencers, firms pursue the following goals:
• Tell to target audience about your company and range.
• Improve search results.
• Demonstrate the most effective ways to use the product.
• Increase the number of active subscribers.
• Promote audience engagement on social media.
• Dispel negativity. With the right presentation, almost any myth about product shortcomings can be debunked.
• Increase sales and build trust.

Russian influencer marketing: differences from foreign practice

According to a Mediascope study, every second resident of Russia believes that advertising publications of bloggers simplify the choice:
• 23% of respondents search for a product in store and buy it.
• 24% repost or follow a link.
• 29% look for additional information on the Internet, tell their friends about the product.
And at the same time, the relationship between Russian influencers and brands is very specific. They differ from global trends and often cause differences of opinion. Let's consider the most characteristic features of a Russian marketing influencer.

Partner search

As a rule, firms choose leaders not based on previous campaigns. The priority is personal sympathy, number of likes, reach. However, to launch advertising in Moscow and regions, you need to take into account the target audience and location.

Trust issues

Russian customers do not seek to make friends with bloggers. Rather, on the contrary: they try in every possible way to keep them tight-knit. To find a compromise, marketers and entrepreneurs need to competently explain to the influencer what can be done, and which methods it is better to forget about right away.

Result evaluation

Of course, every customer expects an increase in conversion from an advertising campaign. However, influencers have more influence on brand awareness. If a person sees ads on the network, he recognizes the product he heard about from his idol. The click-through rate is growing, the likelihood of ordering goods increases significantly.

Often, advertisers think that if you buy ads from a famous blogger, money will flow like a river. This belief prevents entrepreneurs from making money. First, the number of likes does not always correspond to the number of sales. Second, people are starting to get used to the fact that "star bloggers" advertise everything. Such ads are skipped or watched for entertainment. Advertising from a blogger in Moscow with a smaller audience is perceived as a valuable recommendation. Subscribers are better involved in content, more inclined to enter the site, make an application.

Instead of output

Summarize. Successful influencer marketing is built on the following foundations:
1. Accurate measurement of advertising campaign metrics.
2. Assessment of the target audience.
3. Selection of creative solutions.
4. Calculating conversions, assessing the impact on brand awareness.
5. Thorough study of cases, competitors' experience.

Avoid information drought in influencer marketing! Work only with influential influencers, be creative and don't be afraid to experiment. 


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