Large-scale events: what's the difference with budget corporate parties?

Large-scale events: what's the difference with budget corporate parties? | «Proekta»

Events as an efficient way of brand promoting are onwards and upwards in the modern marketing space. At first sight, it’s a common corporate party, but actually it is not. What’s the most significant difference of events from a usual budget corporate party?

The point of events

The term of “Event” means event-based marketing, i.e. arranged to coincide with some event. It could be opening of a new store, launching of a new collection or a product line, net extension. Event is a cross between holiday and advertizing campaign.

The major goal of these events is increasing the number of potential customers and promotion of brand in the market. An event is carefully designed and planned by a professional, such a holiday is run according to a particular script. Audience is equally important: members are chosen in accordance with tasks and objectives of a running event.

Events: a party or marketing?

Thus, both budget corporate party and event are developed taken into account client’s business characteristics, while the former aims at employees’ entertaining pastime, the latter features potential clientele of the company. A properly planned event galvanizes consumers into action, gives them additional bonuses and good mood.

Moreover, a proper event bears no resemblance to a usual selling presentation – guests should get festive impressions. It is the delicacy of event organization: under the solemn cover of a concert or a party a dish made of advertising is presented to make guests remember the brand or promoted product. Connecting the brand with holiday’s positive recollections, a marketing manager expands the potential audience of customers.


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