Marketing research in Russia for new products

Marketing research in Russia for new products | «Proekta»

The marketing research market in Russia is growing steadily. Even in 2020, with a difficult situation due to the pandemic, the trend continued. At the same time, the market research market has undergone an accelerated digital transformation, as a result of many services today are online. This is beneficial to both parties: both clients and research companies, now they work even better and faster.
The very need to build a marketing strategy today is no longer denied by anyone - it is too risky. It's better to spend money on research than going to market with a product that consumers don't want.

Marketing research methods

The classic list includes five options:
● surveillance;
● focus groups;
● polls;
● interviews;
● experiments.
In addition, there is a division into primary and secondary marketing research. Primary ones are needed to collect information without involving third-party sources, using quantitative and qualitative methods. Secondary ones are based on the collection of information from internal and external sources.

Features of the Russian audience

The most popular and simplest way of marketing research remains a survey. At the same time, there have been changes: online polls have overtaken the once popular telephone ones. There is a rise in big data analytics, traffic analysis, advertising, social media. Since one of the most effective online advertising channels in Russia is through blogger accounts, it is easier than a simple integrated brand and marketing research. The plus is that the audience has confidence in who they follow, which means that the likelihood of data corruption in the responses is reduced.

Social media analysis

Researchers often voice this opportunity, but it is in Russia that it is not in demand by everyone. Social networks as a source of information materials do not meet the expectations of a number of companies that could conduct market research. According to the data consumed by the consumer data, the data on the ratings, the data on the ratings, the data on the consumer, the data on the ratings, the data on the ratings, the data on the consumer, the data on the rating table, whether the consumer information is consistent. Analyze posts by hashtags. Then a large company that owns this product makes a choice under whose auspices to release a new product. In Russia, judging by the results of the primary analysis, average users rarely share their impressions of specific products. Either paid bots or SMM specialists write about them.
On the other hand, Russian users willingly share their reviews on their personal accounts, on the official pages of companies. Therefore, when it comes to launching a new product, it makes sense to study customer complaints, the reasons for previous products.
There are also nuances. It is important to make the choice of the one who has really large coverage, and not fancy statistics. Otherwise, when conducting the same survey in a story or an Instagram post, the “blogger” will pay for votes and comments in the same way as statistics in general. At the same time, the customer of the marketing research will not get a real picture.

Summing up, we can say that the new product must meet the requirements of the market. It is possible to identify them with the help of marketing research. In Russia, they have features, taking into account the mentality. This is necessary for greater adaptation to consumer demand and achieving a competitive advantage.


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