Marketing activities after quarantine

Marketing activities after quarantine | «Proekta»

There are not enough tankers in the world. It would seem that it could be worse? Go to panic and forget about strategic thinking five steps forward. Well, or at least two. All crises end, oil tycoons come to an agreement, enter the plateau stage, and then die out. The project proposes to mobilize strength for what everyone is afraid of - marketing. When self-isolation is complete.

Affiliate programs with cafes and bars

Socialization is exactly what is especially lacking locked up. How many times have you dreamed of being on a warm summer evening in a bar? To make the room buzz with conversations, music rumbled, and a company of smiling girls with glasses of mojito in their hands flirt with the neighbour tables? As soon as the venues open their doors, people rush in there in droves. Communicate, share emotions, show yourself and understand that you live a full life, damn it!

Your goal is those same city bars and cafes. An affiliate program in the form of a system of discounts, the use of branded products, conducting contests and activities using social networks is an excellent option for market beginners and those whose audience has not yet managed to remember the brand.

We take into account that the economic situation after the end of self-isolation is unlikely to change. So it is better not to bet on restaurants of the middle and premium segment. But fashionable hipster towns, city verandas and cozy places for breakfast - this is what you need. Smart marketing at minimal cost will be useful to you and them as partners.


Profile blogs with millionaires Instagram, thematic communities Facebook and Livejournal for direct advertising ask for six and seven-figure followers. The native will cost even more. On the one hand, such bloggers are good - they have an army of fans, expert status, a well-established position in the field of interest, and a clear algorithm for marketing interactions. Communications are answered by agents who have very clear requirements and performance guarantees. On the other hand, having such a strong audience for a partner can be a real headache. So, for example, it came out with Regina Todorenko's microblogging, which inadvertently spoke out about domestic violence and provoked a grandiose scandal throughout the country.

Frankly, today it’s more critical that such items of expenditure hit the bill. The output is microinfluencers. Their audience is more compact, but more attentive and at times more involved. They read microinfluencers, actively correspond with them and interact with them. They are unlikely to find bots (inactive, fake readers who have been “cheated” to increase statistics) that even celebrities sin. They will go to a meeting if you come up with an unusual format of communication, rather they will hold a contest or live broadcast. It will be interesting for them to interact with you, to some extent learn, their involvement will be more sincere, and their approach will be responsible.

Partner programs with related industry companies 

Sharing an audience is easy and inexpensive. And most importantly, the owners of small businesses will really be happy with mutual marketing activities. The main thing is to know how, by whom and when. To eliminate the moment of competition.

The audience of a boutique of clothes made from natural fabrics will definitely converge with eco-cosmetics, a yoga studio with a store of sportswear and accessories, a furniture store with a design studio. A thousand options, choose and aim - you. It is important that you consult with your staff and choose the right entry point. For example, launch an advertising campaign before entering the market, presenting a product or brand service. Does the gym announce a new type of membership? Discounts on sports drinks for all customers. Launching a collection of men's suits? Give guys a discount at the barber shop.

Passive information in the form of consultations and static advertising will also give results. The main thing is to do it in nice way, unobtrusively, but with an taste.

Sampling or freemium subscription

No, we do not mean to distribute samples at the subway and in the halls of supermarkets. Be trickier - send an online product by e-mail for a phone number, post on social networks or take a survey to improve your business.

Use Twitter, Instagram, Vk, Facebook or social profile. networks so that the brand is not only recognized, but also followed hand in hand with it. Let's do more than others - a free subscription for 2 months, the ability to test the product and return it back, the whole product for a nominal amount. Yes, your expenses will not pay off. But the brand recognition, which arranges an auction of unprecedented generosity, will increase significantly. And this costs it.

Be helpful and do it just like that

On the one hand, users are overloaded with information, on the other - there is still not enough quality one. And there is no money. On the one hand, there are a lot of offers, on the other hand, which of the brands treats me and my budget humanly, with understanding?

Become such a brand. Get into the position of your client and be truly valuable and helpful. A brand that focuses not only on sales, but also on social responsibility. It's difficult to imagine? Pretend to them! It is not so expensive, but very effective.

Do you sell financial products? Record a free online financial literacy course for beginners and post it on your website. Make sweets? Invite me for dessert to show you how to make trendy ganache cream. Give free what others sell. At a time when purchasing power is dropping, audiences are dropping, this will help increase brand awareness. A free tutorial for your users or a fashionable and truly valuable online book about your industry is a valuable gift.



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