Online corporate parties is a new reality for companies

Online corporate events is a new reality for companies | «Proekta»

One of the criteria for success is the ability to adapt. 2020 has made its own adjustments to the usual course of things in many ways, but not in important traditions. When companies realized that they would be left without annual corporate parties, the best of them found a way out. They have moved online. As shown by numerous surveys, up to 80% of employees are quite satisfied with this decision.


It just seems that everything is easier and cheaper on the Internet. In fact, a company conducting an online corporate event for the first time has to:
● spend heavily on the purchase of special equipment, a paid viewing platform;
● ensure uninterrupted internet.
And the services of the presenter, who will “pull” the online format, are not cheap. On the other hand, various event agencies have “caught the wave” and are doing their best to provide turnkey services in demand. It is likely that online corporate events will soon be cheaper.

Employee Engagement

It is important to remember the main task of corporate parties. This is not just entertainment, but a way to rally the team. It is not enough for everyone to connect to the air. It is important to provide an interactive experience in which all staff will be involved. And it’s also worth taking care of those colleagues who will not be able to attend an online corporate party. Keep a video of the event for them so they don't feel disconnected from the team.

Acceptance of change

Absolutely everyone will not like online corporate parties, but this is part of the new reality. It is important to learn how to work with it, to implement projects in the most interesting way, and to start from the requests of employees. Team building requires a variety of meetings and communication in an informal setting, including online options.


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