Now is the perfect time to promote your travel destination in Russia

Now is the perfect time to promote your travel destination in Russia | «Proekta»

Right now is the best time in decades to promote your travel destination despite being quarantined and closed borders.

Below are 5 reasons and facts why this is so.


1. Everyone at home

This is the best time to advertise and promote your resort, hotel, country ... because you know exactly where your potential tourists are - they are at home! Yes, as strange as it may sounds, but before, in order to target advertising and marketing, you had to do a lot of trials and errors to find the place where the traffic will come from. Now you know exactly where your clients are - they are at home, at least they are inside their home country. And it will take less efforts, time and money to tell them about yourself.

2. No competitors

While everyone is wasting time, you can take advantage of the absence of competitors. The borders are closed, there is no advertising for tours, all travel agents and tour operators are hastily reorienting themselves to domestic tourism. And this is another important point, more on that below.

3. High prices

Lack of competition in the Russian market does not equal low prices. Bad economic situstion don't equal low prices. The fact is that the closure of the borders made Russian summer destinations the only alternative for Russians, which raised high demand and prices by at least 40%. This reason became a factor in the delayed bomb.

4. Time bomb

All due to the fact that Russian summer destinations cannot be compared in terms of price and quality with the traditional leaders of Russian tourists - Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Spain ... A fairly significant part of the population is unable to travel abroad for various reasons - the ban from for debts, low income or restrictions on the civil service. As a result, those tourists who go during the period of closed borders to rest inside the country are likely to be very disappointed. High prices will not meet expectations for the quality of rest, and the lack of the necessary infrastructure and proper service will be the last straw for many.

5. Customer cost

All of the above factors, as well as the exsanguinated advertising industry due to the economic crisis, caused by the pandemic, make the cost of attracting a client lowest as possible since past 10-15 years.


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