Sanitary requirements for events in Moscow during pandemic

Sanitary requirements for events in Moscow during pandemic | «Proekta»

The coronavirus pandemic, despite all the efforts of the governments of the countries, continues to develop, spreading around the world. Until there is a 100% safe and effective vaccine, the authorities are left to temporarily restrict movement and contact of people. Of course, not everyone likes this, but it is better than total infection and increased pressure on domestic medicine.
Therefore, today we will talk about a set of measures that are used by the city authorities to reduce the rate of spread of covid.

Operation of restaurants and entertainment facilities

Since July 19, the authorities have somewhat relaxed restrictions related to QR codes. Previously, every restaurant visitor had to show a picture at the entrance. Now, sole proprietors and LLCs are responsible for checking these codes.
The restrictions on the opening hours of nightclubs and bars were also somewhat relaxed. Now, subject to epidemiological requirements, entertainment establishments will be able to work from 23 to 6 in the morning. It seems that for many it will be a pleasant surprise.

For entertainment establishments, the innovations are as follows:
-from the middle of July, children's playrooms can be opened again;
-from the beginning of July, the ban on visiting public infrastructure facilities (parks, sports and playgrounds) has been lifted;
-sports and concert events can be attended by no more than 500 people at the same time. If guests have shown the OQ-code of -vaccination, the number of visitors is not limited;
-in establishments where seats are not provided, the entrance is only by QR codes.

If everything is clear with this so far, we move on to the article.

Labor relations

From the beginning of July, employers are required to transfer at least 30% of employees to a remote mode of work. This category also includes employees over 65 years old, that is, at risk of contracting covid.
People who have already been vaccinated are not counted when transferring to a remote work format. Employees, on whom the functioning of the organization depends, can visit the workplace as usual.

It's important to know!

There are more stringent vaccination requirements for service workers. At least 60% of employees must be vaccinated, and companies must submit the appropriate documents to the Ministry of Health.

Also, the ministry advises elderly people to refrain from traveling as much as possible, and stay as much time as possible in an apartment or a country house. Also, do not forget about gloves and masks when visiting shops, moving in public transport.
The above restrictions and requirements are aimed at reducing the peak incidence for the period of vaccination of the population of the capital and regions. Therefore, everyone's civic duty is to help the authorities in solving a difficult task.


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